‘Teach Patriotism in Schools’ Juli Endee Tells Government

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Liberia’s cultural Ambassador has underscored the need for Liberian students to create love for their country if they are to take over from the older generation as national leaders in the near future.

Madam Juli Endee also called for the teaching of patriotism in high schools, colleges and universities in the country.
The renewed cultural Ambassador said Liberian students need to put on the armors of love for the country, their fellow citizens and residents.

She spoke on Sunday, July 15, 2018, at the 18th graduation ceremony of the Christians Association of the Blind (CAB), held at its training center on the Roberts Field-Monrovia High-Way.

Ambassador Endee served as a keynote speaker for this year’s graduation exercises for CAB. She also urged the students to strive for academic and professional excellence at all times.

The Ambassador indicated that she was highly impressed with the academic and cultural performances of the students.

“I am very impressed to see vision impaired students doing the pro-poor dance and for their positive outputs from the training exercises.”

For his part, the Executive Director of the Christian Association of the Bland (CAB) said he was also delighted with the level of works be done by the staff of the CAB Resource Center.

Mr. Beyan G. Kota said the government should see it as its obligation in providing the basic needs of its physically challenged citizens including visually impaired people.

He said CAB has been finding it extremely difficult in collecting some useful materials donated to it for blind people in Liberia from the Free Port of Monrovia. He said the materials including canes among other items were donated by philanthropists abroad for the benefit of blind people in Liberia, but since their arrival at the Freeport of Monrovia, CAB has not received them.

He said some friendly partners are always sending things for CAB members but to get the things from the Port remains a serious problem for CAB. He appealed to the Government through the relevant authorities to ensure that the donated items are released to CAB so as to bring much-need relief to its members.
Mr. Kota also appreciated the Liberia Cultural Ambassador for always responding positively whenever she is called upon by CAB.

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