“Flooding Is The Result Of Zonal Violations”- Mabutu Nyenpan

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Public Works Minister, Mabutu Nyenpan has attributed the flooding in Monrovia and its environs to the violations of the country’s zonal regulations by residents.

According to Minister Nyenpan, there is a need to enforce the demolition of structures situated in waterways or alleys.
The Minister comment is in reaction to the heavy downpour of rain that has resulted in flooding across the country especially for slum dwellers and vehicles plying major streets in the city.

Speaking Tuesday in Monrovia, Minister Nyenpan said the recently passed budget by the national Legislature captures funding for such emergency situation adding that the Ministry will take drastic decision to prevent such situation.

The Liberian Public works Minister also threatened lawful actions against citizens found in violation of zonal regulations.
While considering the over flooding as an unfortunate situation, Minister Nyenpan cautioned citizens to avoid building on waterways, drainages or alleys for the smooth passage of water in the city.

“We will not hold back to take legal actions against individuals building on waterways; my administration will do everything possible to improve the country’s drainage system before the end of the raining season.” He asserted.

Monrovia on Tuesday witnessed a heavy downpour of rain thereby leaving several persons homeless with several business people attributing the slow pace of business activities to the heavy downpour of rain.

Also in conversation with The Monrovia Times, the Acting Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Randall Tobayou said the agency is heavily engaged in the creation of environmental awareness that would stabilize the overflow of the water in various communities
Director Tobayou maintains that the Agency is currently involved with enforcing the EPA regulations that would bring effective change to the national emergency in the country.

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