Chambers Appeals to China to Help Boost Liberia’s Agricultural Sector


House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has appealed to the People’s Republic of China to help boost Liberia’s Agricultural sector.

According to him, it is important for the Chinese people to inculcate into Liberians some of their strategies used in feeding their over 1 billion population.

He said despite the many construction projects being funded by the Chinese government, it is also prudent that Liberia benefits from China through agricultural means.

Speaker Chambers made these statements on Thursday, July 19, 2018 when he along with Senate Protempore Albert T. Chie received the keys to the newly constructed annexes of the Capitol Building.

Capitol Building is the official seat of the Liberian Legislature.

Speaker Chambers Explains:

“I want to thank the People’s Republic of China for always being with us in our developmental drive. The Construction of these annexes is an evidence of a true partnership. But I want to make this humble appeal to the Chinese Ambassador; you know the way China managed to feed its over 1 billion population and still export food to other countries remains a mystery. I’m appealing to the Chinese Government through its embassy near Monrovia to help us in regards to strengthening our agricultural sector. We believe when this is done Liberia like China, will be on the right path to booming its economy through agriculture.”

At the same time, Speaker Chambers has given special priority to female representatives to occupy offices of the newly constructed annex of the Capitol Building.

He said though they are seventy-three members that make up the House of Representatives, females lawmakers will be given first preference to occupy the new offices.

“Offices at the newly constructed annexes are self-contain (bathroom inclusive) and so it will only be wise that our female colleagues whether they are in leadership or not occupy these offices,” Speaker Chambers averred.

Meanwhile, Speaker Chambers has announced the temporary closure of the Legislature until the official celebration of the country’s Independence Day.

According to the Speaker, the body will be closed for three weeks.

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