In Moving to the New Annex Speaker Chambers Wants Women Lawmakers Prioritized

County News

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Bhofal Chambers has said that women lawmakers will be prioritized in occupying the newly built offices of the legislature.

Speaker Bhofal Chambers made the notation during an interactive discussion with journalists in Monrovia shortly after the annexes’ dedication.

The new annexes were constructed as a result of inadequate spaces for lawmakers and additional seats created in the parliament. A gesture from the Chinese government to the Liberian people was dedicated Thursday, July 19, 2018, on Capitol Hill.
According to Speaker Chambers, there is a need to afford women in the legislature the opportunity to take their offices in the new annex in order to create comfort and improve the self-contained environment for them.

Speaker Chambers furthered that as per our Liberian cultural norms and tradition, women be preferentially treated,

“It is culturally based and adds value in our country’s tradition when women are accorded first preference”, he noted.

“Even though not all our women lawmakers are in leadership as per committees but we are prioritizing all of them to take office in the new building first before others can join in”, Speaker Chambers Pointed out.

He indicated that other lawmakers who have been poorly accommodated at the capitol are a part of those being considered to move over to the new annex.
However, Speaker Chambers has called a complete maintenance of the new annexes constructed by the Chines government.

“This building is expected to last for over a century depending on its maintenance so we are going to use the ‘unbroken widow method’ to keep the building intact”.

A total 12.9m US dollar was used for the construction of the two annexes which will host both houses members, including two separate chambers and a joint chambers for legislative proceedings. The construction of the annexes is a gesture from the People’s Republic of China to the Government and People of Liberia in an effort to enable a conducive working environment for Lawmakers.

The project which started in October 2016 was completed in June 2018 with a total of 60new offices for legislators use.
Currently, there are 73 representatives and 30 senators from the 15 political subdivisions of the country. Many of these lawmakers have complained of lack of adequate office space to do their jobs.

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