LP Dillon Brands Legislature As “Polluted Body”

Local News

The Vice-Chair for Political affairs of the Opposition Liberty Party has branded the first branch of government, the Legislature, as a polluted body that needs cleansing.

Abraham Darius Dillion said the Legislature as an honorable body has lost its integrity since 2006.

He said there are men and women in the lower and upper house whose actions over the years has no resemblance of integrity. The LP Executive in his words questioned the refusal of that august body to declare their asset as mandated by the laws of Liberia.

Speaking Thursday, in Monrovia Mr. Dillion craved that August body to declare their asset in the spirit of accountability on or before the July 31 deadline.
The LP strong man comment is in an apparent reaction to the impeachment proceeding by some members of the fifty-fourth 54th National Legislature against Associate Justice Kabineh Mohammed Ja’neh of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

He stated that

“If the sacredness of the first branch government will be upheld there is a need for folks in there, to demonstrate their sincerity to transparency in the discharge of their duty.”

Amidst Dillion comment, there are reports that lawmakers in the fifty-fourth (54th) legislature are reportedly declaring their asset to the Chief Clerk at the House of Representative.

He added that until the Legislature is audited the people of Liberia will continue to brand them as a bunch of thieves whose objective is to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.

“Every time there is an alarm for audit on the Legislature in the country; these honorable men smartly thwart the conversation to contempt “Charge” against the individuals or institution calling for such.” He observed.

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