For Touching Lives Of Liberian Refugees: Nigerian Philanthropist Wins Int’l Humanitarian Award


A Nigerian philanthropist has been crowned the winner of the International Humanitarian Award at the just ended Golden Image Award (GIA) ceremony held in Monrovia for his continued selfless services to humanity over the years.

Founded in 2011, the GIA is an annual awards ceremony organized by the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) and executed by the GIA Secretariat. The awards are intended to honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to mankind and society over the years.

Accordingly, the GIA Secretariat said Chief Clifford Obioma Nzeruem, who was represented by his son, Nzeruem Cliff Emeka at the ceremony, was given the International Humanitarian Award for his unending humanitarian assistance, particularly to Liberians in Nigeria and adjoining countries.
The International Humanitarian Award winner of the GIA, who is a former Honorary Consul General of Liberia to the State of Lagos, the Secretariat recalled, has immensely contributed to the well-being of Liberians residing in Nigeria, especially during the period of the Liberian civil war.
Speaking at the occasion while receiving the awards on behalf of his father, Emeka recommitted his family’s desire to do more for Liberians, especially for those residing within the territorial confines of Nigeria.
Emeka, who is the Managing Director of Hotel Ibis Royale, pointed out that the award is a wakeup call for him to emulate the positive footprints of his father.

“It’s an amazing experience for us to be receiving this award. I see this award as an encouragement for us to do more as a family,” said Emeka.
“In fact, receiving this award on behalf of my father, I want to dedicate it to all youth of Africa so that they too can put on that humanitarian posture. It’s good to serve humanity,” he noted.

In a further media interview, the GIA Humanitarian Prize winner’s son pledged to invest in Liberia by setting up Liberia franchise of Hotel Ibis Royale.

“This trip also gives me the opportunity to explore a new environment for investment. From what I have seen, especially with the warm reception since my arrival, I think we can spread our investment here by establishing a branch of our hotels,” he among other things added.

Meanwhile, Humanitarian Award recipient Chief has been using his own resources to assist Liberians in difficult situations, ranging from refugee welfare to those involved with domestic problems.

The Nigerian philanthropic businessman is also accredited with encouraging and supporting the formation of the Organization of Liberian Communities in Nigeria (OLICON) which comprises all Liberian groups in Nigeria’s 36 states and its Federal Capital, Abuja.

He currently serves at his own expense as Protocol Attaché to the Embassy of Liberia in Abuja by assisting the Embassy with the provision of protocol and hospitable services to Liberian officials, business people and students visiting or transiting Lagos.

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