Liberia Wins Los Angeles Jollof festival.


Liberia is once again in the headlines, this time for winning the Los Angeles Jollof festival.

Liberia won the competition ahead of Ghana who came second with Sierra Leone coming in third and Nigeria in fourth place.

Jollof, otherwise known as Jollof Rice is an African cuisine popular in the West African Sub-region and cooked in different style depending on which country you visit.

Organizers of the competition Praise Liberia for their win and said Liberia is on a roll and they deserve to be congratulated in the face of such stiff competition from other countries.

It can be recalled that Liberia recently won the Washington DC Jollof festival held in Washington DC where organizers announced that the event will take place in several cities including Los Angeles.

The next Jollof festival is scheduled for Oakland California with organizers planning to host the event in London, Houston, and New York City.

With the competition gaining momentum around the world, the question many are asking is, will Liberia keep winning the Jollof wars or are the Ghanaians and Nigerians going to bounce back and make these Jollof conversations all about them again?

Jollof rice is the most debated dish amongst West Africans and if you have not tasted it, well you are not late to the party, there is still hope, so let Liberian Jollof inspire you

In the meantime, you can watch out for the next Jollof festival coming to your city as Liberia enjoy another comfortable recognition for having the best Jollof in Africa.

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