“Liberian Bloggers Desperate To End My Career” – Deng


In a tell it all interview with The Monrovia Times, Liberian international superstar Deng says some Liberian bloggers are desperate to undermine him and end his musical career for reasons unknown to him.

According to Deng, some Liberian bloggers are digging up an event that transpired about month ago and exaggerating it in their blog post to make him look bad and tarnish his musical image.

“I don’t know why only Liberian bloggers have to be this way. Some of them are out to get me for no reason and others for reasons I can’t explain to you” he told The Monrovia Times.

The Real Story.
According to Deng, he had just returned from the United States and was attending the birthday party of fellow artists PCK when another artist got up and give him a seat. He said a lady interrupted and told the artist who offered him a seat not to.

“It all started at the party when one of the artists got up from his seat for me to sit down and this girl who’s friend I knew way back got angry and told the artist why he got up from his seat for all kind of people to sit down for and I just smiled and went somewhere else to sit.”

Deng said at the end of the party, DJ Weezy asked if he could drop him and some friends off and he agreed. He said after dropping off DJ Weezy, the lady and her friend started indirectly referring to him as gay, calling him Weah (President Weah) girlfriend.

“Later that night it got very late and Dj Weezy asked me to give them a ride home cause car business was hard. They all entered the car and I dropped Dj Weezy and the rest of the people off but she and her friend left in the car for me to drop them home. I was carrying them home and they started with the gay topic mentioning my name indirectly with the other one laughing saying how she’s drunk but I ignored them. They kept going on and on with their gay topic but I kept quiet so they felt I was guilty that was why I was quiet for.

He said the ladies kept at for a long period before mentioning him and calling him gay to his face. Deng said at this point he politely asked them to get down from his vehicle and find another means of transportation as he would not be insulted in his own car while doing them a favor.

“They got down and started insulting me. I told them I was going to lodge their complaints to Dj Weezy because it was because of him I was helping them out that night. The other one started shouting saying “You George Weah girlfriend we can’t say it”…. saying how I took plastic and put it on an old rotten car calling it a new car and People started coming around that night.”

The Liberian international artist said his decision to drop the ladies from his vehicle irritated them and they started banging on his vehicle. He said the same lady in question removed all her jewels and started to attack him at which point he defended himself by shoving her away from him. He said the lady fell and decided to gather rocks to burst his car, something that prompted him to drive off.

“She asked her friend to hold her phone, earrings and other things she had on her and palmed me in my chest. She grabbed my chains and cut it so I pushed her away in self-defense and she fell. She got up and got bitter, running to look for rocks to come burst my car and that was how ran in my car and drove off.

Deng said after he left the scene he went back to PCK and inform him about the incident and also call DJ Weezy the following day and told him the story. The Musician said DJ Weezy and PCK were disappointed and called the ladies who deny calling him gay.

“I came to PCK and explained it to him. PCK got angry with them and call the other girl that night and she started lying on the phone saying her friend never call me no gay. The next day I call Dj Weezy and told him about it too and he got mad at them too and call her friend but she told Dj Weezy that they taking the case to court.”

Deng said the next morning he got a call from Central Police Station inviting him over. He said he went over to the police station and preliminary investigation by the police saw that he did nothing wrong. However because he’s an artist, he took it upon himself to apologize to the lady and pay for her medical treatment from scratches he obtain from the fall.

“They went to Central police station with the case and the police call me to Central for the case. I went Central, they judged the case and said I should take her to the hospital for treatment. We went at the hospital that evening and the doctor told her nothing major was happening to her but She did all her check up and tests for other things happening in her body and I paid for everything. After that, I told her sorry and I went to drop she and her boyfriend home that night because he was with us at the hospital.”

The artist said the case was settled and both parties including the Lady boyfriend and him shook hands before he once again dropped them off at their home but to his utmost surprise, Some Liberian bloggers are twisting and exaggerating the story saying he abused the woman.

“But now I see people who have ever since grudges for me in their hearts trying to haul this case to bring me down cause most of them been saying they will make sure to bring me down since I feel I’m friendly with the President, I’m all to it.”

Deng said he still don’t know why some Liberians bloggers are out to get him.

When asked if he regretted the situation between he and the lady, he said he wished he could take it back but what happen already happened.

“If I could take it back I would, but it already happened. I’m an artist and the last thing I want is a confrontation with my fans. I understand not everyone will like me but I would never intentionally hit a woman least to mention abusing her the way our bloggers are saying it.”

I don’t know why they are out to get me, I came from nowhere, struggle to get my career off the ground and few hateful and envious people are trying to destroy my career.” the artist concluded.

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