National Housing Authority To Construct 50-Thousand Affordable Housing For Low Income Earners In Liberia

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The National Housing Authority says it has initiated a discussion with a private company based in Burkina Faso to construct 50-thousand affordable housing for low-income earners in the country.

NHA Deputy Managing Director for Administration Tugbeh A. Tugbeh said the agreement when reached will address the current housing gap facing the people of Liberia.

He told a news conference that a multi-million company name Gelpaz has agreed to construct two-bedrooms at a cost of twelve to fifteen thousand United States Dollars.

“The Government of Liberia through the National Housing of Authority will have to provide the land for the construction of these homes.” He said

According to him, an assessment team comprising of engineers from the NHA left Liberia for Burkina Faso to assess the quality of work done by Gelpaz over the years adding that the observation has proven that the company is credible to do the work.

He, however, admitted that the NHA has failed to live up to its responsibility in providing affordable housing for the ordinary people.

He said,

“To be honest with you, the twenty thousand United States Dollars that was charged by the National Housing Authority in past administration was too costly and it did not really address the need of low-income earners in the country.”

Commenting further the National Housing Authority Deputy Managing Director for Administration Tugbeh A. Tugbeh mentioned that the project will affect the capital of the fifteen counties in the country.

“I view this as a milestone achievement for the people of Liberia. If this deal is realized.” He intoned.

He spoke in Monrovia upon his return from Burkina Faso following a meeting with the executives of the multi-million company Gelpaz.

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