Lack Of Adequate Budgetary Allotments Prevent Effective Fire Services At Benson Hospital Says LNFS Boss.

County News

The Benson Hospital in Paynesville was on Tuesday Morning gutted by Fire that destroyed several valuable.

The fire incident which occurred around 8 O’clock in the Morning destroyed several important items of the hospital including the roof of the building, computers and among others.

The fire is said to have started immediately after the Liberia Electricity Corporation turned off the electricity supply to the facility.

The quenching of the fire was made possible by residents around the hospital after the failure of the firefighter to appear on the scene on time.

Madam Susan Swen, a nurse aid who was at the scene when the fire started told reporters that immediately the fire incidents, patients in the hospital were evacuated urgently from the building to another health facility.

Madam Swen also mentioned that with the help of God Almighty and intervention of community dwellers the incident was put under control thus leaving the patients at the hospital unharmed.

Meanwhile, several residents during the fire incident stoned the fire truck of the Liberia National Fire Services on grounds that it arrived late to quench the fire.

A bystander identified as Mark Freeman also described the effort of the firefighters on the scene, as a total embarrassment to the people of Liberia.

“My Brother can you imagine, National Fire Fighters who are paid from our taxes dragging their feet to save lives and properties. We are not serious in this country; had it not been for God, Liberia would have been recorded in the Guinness Book of record accounting for more death ever in the Sub-region Today,” he told The Monrovia Times

Following the incident, LNFS Director Alex Dickson who regretted the incident blamed the failure of firefighters to arrive on the scene to the lack of adequate budgetary allotments.

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