Calls for Celia Cuffy-Brown Appointment at NPA Swells


Barely over 6 months since the ascendency of the CDC led Government to power, the shifting and naming of cabinet ministers and heads of other agencies are ongoing with some already in place. Similar appointment has not affected the top management proper at the National Port Authority.

The NPA is known as the Gateway to the country’s economy.

President George Manneh Weah, months ago appointed Madam Celia Cuffy-Brown as acting Managing Director and also the deputy for NPA. The president’s appointment of madam Cuffy-Brown as acting MD is drawing well-meaning Liberians as well as workers of the entity’s attention to the energetic and effective leadership charisma of the current MD to take up the post in totality.

Voices continue to add up in a bid to bring the president’s attention to directly appointing Madam Cuffy-Brown as Managing Director proper to stir the affairs of the gateway to the country’s economy.

A local student group under the banner, Consortium of University Students has resonated calls for the appointment of madam Cuffy-Brown.

According to a release issued in Monrovia, the group in collaboration with the Dock Workers association outlined major achievements made by the current acting MD in 6months of her appointment, terming it as cardinal in achieving the government’s pro-poor agenda.

The group named her tremendously works to seek and promote the welfare of employees, her diplomatic engagement with western and neighboring countries in an effort to making the NPA a vibrant and canonized institution as some of the achievements thus far.

The release emphasized the groups call to President Weah for the appointment of Madam Cuffy-Brown

“Mr. President, we as students of various universities across Liberia in collaboration with the employees of the National Port Authority appeal to your honorable office to appoint Madam Celia Cuffy9Brown as Managing Director of the NPA; ‘we uphold and reserved that Madam Brown appointment should be meritorious.

Employees of the NPA also joined the fray of pleading to the conscience and office of President Weah over the appointment of a Managing Director proper.

According to the Dock Workers Union of Liberia President, Madam Vero Hood, the current acting MD represents a direct change for leadership growth and practical development at the NPA, indicating that her dedicated services over the period must be sustained with a proper appointment as head of the NPA.

Madam Hood named the de-casualizing of all casual laborers to contractors, negotiating profitable deals with the APM terminals for the financial transformation of the NPA among others as significant strides made during a 6months period as acting MD.

“We as employees cannot sit and allow this great MD to leave us with such great changes that are impactful to all the employees within the port because if it happens every god development she started will get stalled”, she noted.

“I believe in her ability to shift and develop this port and other ports around the country especially with the work she’s involved with especially in uplifting the ‘Down Trodden’ employees of the NPA”. Madam Hood averred.

She, however, encouraged Madam Cuffy-Brown to remain focus in working in the interest of the Liberian people and the country in an effort to effectively support the president’s pro-poor agenda.

“Therefore We the Dock Workers Union of Liberia resolved with the kind of humanitarian character of Madam Cuffy-Brown appeal to President George Manneh Weah to kindly appoint Madam Cuffy-Brown as Managing Director of NPA to manage and bring to function the dreams and aspiration under the pro-poor agenda”, a release stated.

According to work term policies, as acting head of an institution, certain privileges and rights are reserved and decisions made sometimes doesn’t erect immediate change due to the [acting] position.

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