The Center For Transparency and Accountability In Liberia Wants VP, 54th Legislature And Justices Declare Asset.

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The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) has called on the Vice President, members of the 54th legislature, Justices of the Supreme Court and other officials of government to declare their asset in compliance of Chapter 10 of the 2014 code of conduct.

CENTAL in a release Wednesday noted that violation of the Code of Conduct does not augur well for the reputation of government and its professed desire to address graft.

The release also lauded the President for declaring his asset adding that such a step demonstrates concrete commitment and political will in fighting corruption in Liberia.

CENTAL’s has meanwhile called on the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission to timely and independently confirm and publish all declared assets, incomes, and liabilities including those of the President.

“The Center for Transparency and Accountability is glad to acknowledge receipt of reports of the declaration of assets, incomes, and liability by President George Manneh Weah, which the General Auditing Commission (GAC) has confirmed.”

The release maintained that former officials accused of corrupt acts especially those of the immediate past regime, must be investigated and if found guilty prosecuted in keeping with relevant Liberian laws.

“Former official, who refused to declare their assets while leaving power/government, should be compelled to do so or prosecuted, in keeping with relevant provisions of the Code of Conduct.” The release mentioned

The release further observed that anti-corruption effort that is not built on a strong prosecution and the deterrent regime is bound to fail noting that this is the weak link in Liberia’s current anti-graft effort while craving the need for it to be addressed in order tackle corruption and bad governance in the country.

The release then admonished President Weah against repeating mistakes of former President Sirleaf, when she among other things, shielded her officials; ignored recommendations from independent committees established to probe corruption scandals as well as appointed persons with tainted records in key government positions.

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