CSA New Director General Discloses Plans to Ensure Civil Servants Welfare


CSA-Welfare: The newly confirmed Director General of the Civil Service Agency has disclosed plans to empower civil servants for effective and efficient work throughout the country.

Madam Laurine Johnson indicated that as part of her short-term plans for the revamping the agency, there is the need for collective efforts of all stakeholders in ensuring the protection of civil servants’ rights and interests.

“We will work with all stakeholders to protect the interest and rights of all civil servants objectively and ensure the CSA Standing Orders and human resource policy manual of Liberia,” she stated.

CSA DG flanked by Sen. Milton Teahjay, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson, and other Directors of the CSA including top govt officials (Photo by Drseyeh B. Acquoi)

The CSA boss maintained that there would be a total cleansing of several payrolls in order to eliminate ghost names and duplications, which according to her, is in line with the government’s pro-poor agenda for transformation.

She underscored the need for mandatory and vigorous training of civil servants in order to ensure an effective work output and increase the ‘value for money’ by tracking work of civil servants at various ministries and agencies in the country.

“We will vigorously work with the Ministry of Finance, Development Planning, the Internal Audit Agency, General Auditing Commission to minimize the risk on payroll and increase the value for money,” she said.

Madam Johnson pointed out that the integrity of the recruitment process of the hiring arm of the government of Liberia should be without stain, as such a merit-based system will be instituted at all levels and times.

“We will work with all MAC’s to ensure that all recruitment examinations, classifications and placements of civil servants are in line with the CSA’s standing orders and Human Resource Policy Manual of Liberia.”

As part of efforts to enhance the database system of the CSA, Madam Johnson pledged a joint collaboration with all agencies to strengthen the Personnel Action Notice (PAN) processes in enhancing the recording system of all civil servants.

Meeting the demands of civil servants in rural Liberia under her administration would be achieved through the establishment of CSA offices in each of the 15 counties to effectively deliver the CSA’s mandate.

“We want to solve the challenges faced by civil servants in the counties who have to travel many miles to settle salaries, PAN and employment-related problems,” she noted.

The new Director-General further disclosed that there would be office spaces created in the county administration building for CSA’s officers as a means for abolishing rentals, pending a stronger work with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Madam Laurine Johnson spoke when she officially took on Friday, August 3, 2018.

Prior to her taking over, a transitional team was for the past six months steering the affairs of the CSA pending her appointment.

Rev. Reginald Wade served as the officer in charge of the CSA over the period; in remarks, he lauded civil servants across the country, including directors of the agency for working along with him in achieving more for the betterment of the country. Rev. Wade admonished Madam Johnson to remain steadfast in handling the work of the CSA as a means of providing the necessary support for the advancement of the sector.

Senators Milton Teahjay and Prince Johnson, Rep. Ellen Attoh, Hon. Nelson Williams, who was also a member of the transitional team at the CSA and the Hon. Charles Bright, Economic Advisor to President George Weah graced the ceremony on Friday.

In separate remarks, both Senators lauded the transitional team for working to ensure a smooth transition and cautioned Madam Johnson to focus on protecting the interest of civil servants.

Sen. Teahjay thanked Madam Johnson for highlighting efforts to target challenges of civil servants in rural Liberia to ease some of their many problems faced in getting more services related to their work.

Sen. Teahjay who is currently the Senate’s committee chair on autonomous agency, pledged the Senate’s unflinching support in getting the needed support to ensure that plans of the New DG is implemented to benefit civil servants across the country.

“We can assure you at the level of the Senate that we will work to ensure that the dreams will be actualized in the interest of the people, but let me remind you don’t let politicians frighten you here; use the law and help our people,” Sen. Teahjay noted.

Currently, the Civil Service Agency’s three-year reform strategy addresses concerns of the government and serves as principal thrust for guiding reform agenda.

The reform components include restructuring and right-sizing, pay and pension reforms, improving service delivery; others are human resource management, leadership development and gender equity.

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