Dr. Henric Marcus Speare Admonishes Liberians To Hold Together

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The Founder of the St. Paul Ecumenical High School in Unification City, Lower Margibi County is admonishing Liberians to hold together if Liberia should move forward.

Guest speaking at the 8th thanksgiving and award program of the Mother of Jesus Christ Catholic High School over the weekend in Dolo Town, Dr. Henric Marcus Speare said Liberia is going through political, security, economic, ecological, education and social problems all at once because Liberians are not holding together.

“Don’t you think if we were holding hands some of these things we may not have experienced them?” he asked the gathering.

He intoned that if Liberians can hold together, the deadly Ebola Virus will not resurface in Liberia and the situation that brought the mass failure in the WASSEC Exams in Liberia will not be repeated.

Dr. Speare furthered that if administrators of schools can also hold together as well they will be able to challenge the results of the 2017/2018 WASSEC Exams because they are not convinced that all their students are bad students but if they remain tight lip it will suggest that they did not prepare the students so they are afraid to challenge the results.

He indicated that if Liberians hold together they will not make hasty decision but those decisions that will bring Liberia to where it should be.

Hon. Speare stated that they have to prepare for flooding in Lower Margibi County where people lost properties and sometimes lost their lives. He disclosed that they have called on the leadership of Margibi County to do something about the Farmington Bridge that got damage in Firestone a year ago.

He expressed the need for the graduates, alumina, parents and faculty members of the School to hold stronger and proper if they have never held hands before because their failure to hold together as a people they will all perish as schools.

According to him, it is about time that the Mother of Jesus Christ move from its current level to another level adding that their children graduate not knowing where to go or how to pursue career opportunities.
He called on graduates of the Institution to not be satisfied with high school diploma but thereby encouraging them to keep trying.

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