Rep. Attoh Empowers 400 Rural Women-Gives Out L$1.4M Liberian Dollars

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Margibi County Electoral District #3 Representative Ellen A. Attoh has empowered about four hundred (400) rural women in her District.

Hon. Attoh over the weekend embarked on the process of distributing one million four hundred thousand (L$1.4M) Liberian dollars among the four hundred rural women in the District.

The rural women were given three thousand five hundred (L$3,500) Liberian dollars each to increase their businesses or start up a business to be able to take care of some family and home problems.

Rep. Attoh in an interview with The Monrovia Times Reporter said initially her plan was to focus on the first 300 women but she was able to lobby thus increasing the number of beneficiaries to four hundred women.

According to her, this is a face one of the process and after three weeks she expects that each woman will return five hundred Liberian dollars from the three thousand Liberian dollars leaving them with three thousand Liberian dollars.
She indicated that the five hundred dollars that will be repaid by each woman will be added by her to empower another batch of women in face two. The Lawmaker explained that once the women remain focus, the money given to them will change their lives.

“Prior to coming up with this decision I did a survey, I woke up in the morning by 4 A.M walked with them through the dark to see how they manage and they walk to the cold storage, stand there to try to do 4 men, three men partner, that is they partnering to buy a cartoon of pig bone that cost one thousand L$1,600” she narrated.

The District #3 Representative indicated that if the women can be able to partner with each other to achieve and each of them receives three thousand dollars to start on their own it means the more they will be able to buy the whole cartoon on their own the more profit they will be able to generate.

Hon. Attoh noted that she started giving money to people on her own and she knows how many persons went to her with excitement on grounds that their lives have improved as the result of her initiative thereby motivating her to launch a fund drive.

She said every woman benefiting from the empowerment program went through a registration process through which their pictures and voter registration numbers were taken and attached to their forms along with the names of their Communities and telephone numbers and will be monitored by her team to know what they are doing.

The Representative added that doing well is a bonus for the women because in the future she will give them additional money on grounds that the businesses some of them are doing are not what they decided to do but it is on a smaller scale.

“If you doing well and we check on you we see that we will be able to add it up so that the business can improve, maybe you can establish another branch or maybe you can move in another direction; maybe it will be fish from the beginning but you will be able to add flower, you will be able to add oil and we will move in that direction once they remain focus” Rep Attoh maintained.

She said recipients of the money are people from across the District including Kakata and the Firestone belt. The Lawmaker averred that the more women she will empower in the District, it will lessen the burden on her especially the way people go to her for little thing it will not be the case.

Rep. Attoh in a related development said the District has men that need to be empowered as such; she is looking in another direction where she has the men going through driving school to see how best they can find a job after graduation.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of the initiative have expressed excitement for being empowered for the first time by a sitting Lawmaker in District #3 thanking their Lawmaking for the step taking by her.

The women some of whom are widows with several children said the amount received by them will improve their businesses and will enable them sell and pay their children’s school fees among others.

The mother of six children (Mamie Farr) who lost her husband said she has been cutting contract to sustained she and the children adding that the money given to her will help her greatly through selling.

Madam Farr, a resident of Holder Farm Community and colleagues promised to use their money for the purpose intended.

The gesture is in fulfillment of an initiative the Representative earlier embarked on when she launched a rural women empowerment fund drive in the District mid-2018.

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