Liberia Electricity Cooperation To Connect 33.000 Customers Across Liberia.

The Liberia Electricity Cooperation has announced the extension of its services to over 33.000 customers in various communities across Liberia.

The LEC said the initiative is under the Liberia Accelerated Electricity Expansion Project – Additional Financing program and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

The 33,000 Customers expected to be connected will come from the below listed according to the LEC. Those communities are:
1. Double Bridge
2. Chicken Soup Factory
3. Johnsonville
4. LPRC Community
5. Shoes Factory
6. Supermarket
7. JJY
8. New Georgia/New Georgia Gulf
9. Chocolate City
10. Iron Factory
11. MKK Community
12. Topoe Village
13. Battery Factory
14. Day Break Mouth Open
15. Patience Shop
16. Dry Rice Market/Maryland Center
17. Tusa Field
18. Bend and Stop
19. Barnesville Old Field
20. Nyanford Town
21. Kebbah
22. Behwein Community
23. Gayedubo Town
24. Belwein
25. Diggsville
26. Freeport Community
27. Clary Town
28. Doe Community
29. Caldwell
30. Virginia
31. Bushrod Island
32. Brewerville
33. Tubmanburg
34. Robertsport
35. Bo Waterside


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