Speaker Chambers Hits At Ellen Again


House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has again shifted blames on the past administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for not working in the interest of Liberian people over the last twelve years.

Speaking at a gathering Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in his Pleebo Sudekein District, Maryland County, Speaker Chambers said, one reason why developmental projects were not executed in most parts of the country including his political constituency, was because the former president did not have the country at heart and was after strangulating her critics.

He blamed the former Liberian leader for creating a backward society where the economy and the production of other basic social services still remains a challenge for the current administration.

The Pleebo Sudekein lawmaker claimed that it was because of his critical stand against the past regime that led to the slow pace of development in Maryland County.

He said, with the new administration in place, he’s working tirelessly with President George M. Weah to not only carry out development in Maryland County but the entire southeastern region as well.

“Fundings were available for execution of developmental projects in this district, but the former president instructed LACE to abandoned these projects because I was critical of her government. Imagine how cruel she was,” Speaker Chambers told residents of his district.

According to Speaker Chambers, the Weah’s led administration is threading on a positive path and is in the process of bringing economic relieved to citizens of the country.

He called on residents of his district to exercise restraint as efforts are now being made to execute those projects that were abandoned during the regime of former president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

“The former president never wanted people to criticize her government and for that reason, she did everything in her power to quiet them. The issue of wasteful spending and bad governance was the other of the day in Liberia, but thank God the change is here and we should all appreciate this change,” he accentuated

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  1. Wasn’t he a member of the House thru out her tenure? And his his interest was what? Impeach the President based on rumors right? Under his leadership, they ratified two loans to dates, we are cluess

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