“Data Collection Is Key”-Says NaFAA Statistics Manager

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At the start of a four-day Enumerators training workshop Tuesday, August 7, 2018, which is taking place at the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority’s Mesurado Pier office on Bushrod Island outside Monrovia, the Manager of Fisheries Statistics Ernest Kiazolu, Jr. reemphasized the significance attached to the collection of fisheries data across Liberia.

Mr. Kiazolu told a gathering of 40 old and new Enumerators that their role at the entity is cardinal to decision making, therefore, they need to attach urgency to the ongoing training for Liberia to gather actual data that would inform decisions in the fisheries sector.

The NaFAA’s Fisheries Statistics Manager says Management attaches great importance to the work of all of its Enumerators in the various fishing Communities across the nine Coastal Counties including Montserrado, Margibi, Bomi, Grand Bassa, Grand Cape Mount, Rivercess, Sinoe, Grand Kru, and Maryland.

Mr. Kiazulu further informed the Enumerators, particularly the new recruits, that they have been selected to form a part of the ongoing training to better understand their terms of references and operations, while at the same time be fully equipped to adequately carry out their duties and responsibilities in all the fishing communities across Liberia.

“Once you are fully equipped to operate with the knowledge gained from the training, then you will conduct yourselves as professional Enumerators of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority; as such, NaFAA stands to benefit from accurate data collection and Management will make informed decisions for the growth and improvement of the fisheries sector,” Mr. Kiazulu noted.

He also mentioned that the ongoing training will serve as a refresher for the old Enumerators who have been trained and need to be updated with current realities in the fisheries sector in relations to data collection.

“Data collection is pivotal to revenue collection in the fisheries sector, so all those involved as Enumerators must take their job seriously to gather relevant information that results to informed decisions making in Liberia”, NaFAA Statistics Manager intimated.

He warned that

“If you the Enumerators send us the wrong data from the fishing communities, we the Analysts would analyze bad data and as a result, will send management the wrong data and it will lead to wrong decisions making”.

Mr. Kiazulu further said the wrong data would be more damaging to Liberia’s Fisheries sector therefore, Enumerators should ensure that they serve the Analysts with accurate data from the coastal Counties to enable management make informed decisions for the common good of Liberia.

The NaFAA’s Fisheries Statistics Manager urged the 40 Enumerators to give their best to the training as knowledge gained would positively impact the Liberian Fisheries sector. He added that “Liberia stands to benefit hugely from the works of you Enumerators if you give your best to the ongoing training”, Mr. Kiazolu said.

Meanwhile, the 40 Enumerators are drawn from the nine Coastal Communities across Liberia where the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) is currently operating, according to a statement issued by Mr. Lewis E.B. Konoe, Communications Manager of NaFAA.

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