President And Vice President Tussle Over Financial Integrity At The Union

Local News

Press Union of Liberia President Charles Cuffey has broken silence over internal wrangling in the union thus accusing the Vice President of non-cooperation.

Cuffey’s revelation comes days after the Union Vice President Octavin Williams distanced himself from unethical acts at the PUL.

But the PUL Boss added that his deputy recently begged for mercy and was pardoned after he exhibited similar posture which he has retaken.

According to Cuffey, Williams is second in command can in no way distance himself from achievements and failures of the union.
He also accused Octavin of using the facility and equipment of the PUL for external work at the detriment of the union which necessitated a memo to regulate it.

But in response, the PUL Vice President Octavian Williams maintained that at no time he was a part of collecting money on behalf of the Union’s as claimed by the President.

The PUL VP who described the allegation as evil and misleading called on Mr. Cuffy’ to desist from falsely linking him to a report he has no idea of.

He mentioned that his decision to enter the PUL was not on the basis to hustle but rather to improve the condition of Journalists in the country.

VP Williams is at the same challenging the Union’s President to showcase financial document bearing his name in connection to the two hundred eighty- nine thousand received by Charles Cuffy on behalf of the union.

In spite of the claims and counterclaims, Octavin Williams is reportedly seeking to succeed Charles Cuffey who is seeking a second term in the upcoming union’s election.

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