“We Are Tire Of By-Elections” Liberians Resist Weah’s Associate Justice Appointment


The recent appointment made by President George M. Weah has come under huge condemnations by Liberians across the length and berth of Montserrado County.

President Weah as part of efforts to replace Justice Philip A.Z. Banks who retired as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, appointed Sinoe County Senator, Joseph N. Nagbe to occupied the vacant seat.

This action of the Liberian leader has raised eyebrows with many Liberians expressing their disenchantment about the president’s decision.

Over the weekend, The Monrovia Times, in the wake of making the views of the people’s heard, gathered the views of some Liberians within the territorial limits of Montserrado County.

Massa Kpadeh, 34, a resident of New Kru Town asserts “Senator Nagbe is a good man, he is well qualified for the post, but being appointed while he is a sitting lawmaker do not august well for this country. I Call on President Weah to rethink his decision.”

“Does the president enjoy us having by-elections every time?” asked Boima Davis, 38, of the Popo’s Beach Community. “The President told us that he inherited a broke country so why now should we be having uncontrollable by-elections across the country,” he added.

“I’m a Cdecian, and I will always support my president,” declared Timothy Tarrawalay, 30, of the Logan Town Rice Store Community “I don’t have any problem with the appointment is just that the by-election that will be created in Sinoe County should be the last, because we need to focus on other things like bringing things prices down,” he furthered.

Augustine Williams, 42, Caldwell New Georgia averred “I don’t know who is advising the president. Is Senator Nagbe the only qualify person for this job? The senator is almost in his 70’s how long will he be able to serve in that capacity; he too will soon retired. There is no need of appointing him in the first place.”

“The president should not continue to tell us to hold our heart and then he’s creating by-elections all over the place. We are not jokers; if this country must move forward President Weah must realize that Liberians are serious about improving their livelihoods and not to be standing in long cue all the time voting in self-seeking politicians,” Darius Wlokiah, 28, Student of the University of Liberia. “It is about time that the president gathers the necessary resources to build the country and not to invest it in continuous voting processes,” he added.

Meanwhile, following the recent election of incumbent Representative Saah H. Joseph as Senator of Montserrado County, the National Election Commission (NEC), in line with the constitutional mandate, will in three months’ time hold a by-election in Montserrado County District #13 to replace the potential senator (Rep. Joseph) at the House of Representatives.

With the appointment and subsequent confirmation of Senator Nagbe as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, it will be the first time in Liberia’s political history for a sitting government to conduct more than two by-elections in less than 12 months.

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