“We Will Not Bow To Stay Order” Rep.Gray Tells Supreme Court

Montserrado County District # 8 Representative, Acarous Gray says the Supreme Court of Liberia is attempting to usurp the function of the Legislature.

Representative Gray said it was inappropriate for the leadership of the Legislature to appear before the High Court, saying he has lobbied with his colleagues not to appear.

The Supreme Court last week placed a stay order on impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Kabinneh Ja’neh.

Representative Gray is one of those seeking the impeachment of Ja’neh on account of multiple offenses.

Appearing on a local radio station in Monrovia Monday, Representative Gray further asserted that the High Court is proceeding wrongly by questioning the constitutional mandate of the Legislature.

Gray, who recounted the role played by Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh during Sirleaf’s administration stated that no amount of stay order will thwart their impeachment proceeding.

“Let me emphatically say that our quest to impeach Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh remains unbending. And we will not bow to those petit tricks from the Judiciary.” He noted.

He maintained that Justice Ja’neh lacks the needed moral character to preside over the legal matter in the country.

The Montserrado District eight eight lawmaker assertion comes ahead of their appearance on Tuesday, August 14 at Supreme Court.



  • Please give more background on what the issue is rather than the usual cat fight details. Also, to someone out side of the country, can you please explain some of the phrases and words that you use when writing the article? “The Supreme Court last week placed a stay order on impeachment proceedings against Associate Justice Kabinneh Ja’neh.” The next sentence should explain what the “stay order” would do and what ramifications the order would have on the process. Just a little critique of your writings. Many people may want to fully understand what you are writing about. It would be great to see a well written article that we could later use in writing the history of Liberia.


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