Burkinabe Investors Pledges 50,000 Housing Units For Liberians.


A Seven Team member Burkinabe investors have arrived in the country in an effort to support the government of Liberia’s infrastructure agenda to construct over 50,000 housing units for Liberians.

The group made the disclosure Tuesday, August 14, 2018 during a press conference at the National Housing Authority office.

According to NHA Managing Director, Duannah Siryon, the investors are currently in the country to consummate an agreement with the government of Liberia to construct affordable homes for all Liberians.

“There’s no limit for this investment on infrastructure, the company is willing to invest more and that depends on the final agreement this week for the project to start.”

Mr. Siryon reechoed the importance of President George Weah’s Pro-Poor agenda for transformation, indicating that the investors’ quest for infrastructural development is welcomed.

“When this project is concluded it will be decentralized across the country to enable our people in rural Liberia benefit from good housing facilities in this pro-poor government”.

According to Mr. Siryon, after the deal is secure, a bidding process will commence, which he stated that Liberian owned Businesses will be prioritized during the process to ensure that there are partnership and investment in the Liberian economy.

NHA V1.png
NHA Managing Director, Duannah Siryon and Team of Burkinabe Investors

As part of efforts leading towards constructing housing across the country, Mr. Siryon revealed that the NHA has deployed data collectors across the country to ensure tangible needs for homes of Liberians are reflected through the data collection

“We do not want to build homes or housing that the Liberian people will not need so our data collectors are on the field and in various ministries and agencies to ensure that Liberians needs for housing are captured,” he stated.

Furthermore, Mr. Siryon pointed out that the data collection process is also cardinal and serves as a guide for building more homes across Liberia and for the engagement of prominent investors for further investments.

“NHA is creating a database that will hold thousands of information on housing demand throughout the country because said data will be accessed at all time in allowing investment partners to understand the market demand before investments are made available and it is highly necessary because it is one of President George Manneh Weah’s primary objectives to ensure that his administration builds affordable housing for Liberians under the pro-poor agenda.”

For his Part, the head of GELPAZ, the Burkinabe Company, Alian Zoungrana indicated that the agreement if signed will benefit all Liberians, noting that housing is more essential in every country for its citizenry.


According to Mr. Zoungrana, the company intends to invest in the infrastructure of the country as such; over 50,000 homes have been earmarked pending the government of Liberia’s approval.

“The government of Liberia will decide as to how many housing units to construct throughout the country and the cost attached thereof”.

He boasted his company’s commitment to providing quality housing throughout the investment indicating that the company has done same in Burkina Faso for low-income earners.

“We, therefore as African brothers, pledged our fullest support and will remain as key partners to ensure that President Weah agenda for improved infrastructure for his country is achieved,” He noted.

The National Housing Authority was established in 1969 by an act of legislation to oversee housing units’ construction across the country.


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  1. What did we do to desire this? I hope it is true oh, becuz it sounds too good to be true yah. Oh well, I pray that Miracles are still around. God bless our Homeland forever.

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