“A Complete Joke” Former Finance Minister Describe Peace Festival

County News

Former Finance Minister David Fahart has described the “Fifteen Years of Peace” celebration as a joke while calling for the establishment of a World Crime Court.

He said it is a total nonsense for one to boast of a fifteen year of peace when the ordinary people are still languishing in poverty.

He added that it is a waste of resources to celebrate a peace festival when people who cause serious atrocities are still languishing in the public corridor with impunity.

He stressed that there is a need for a World Crime Court to prosecute individuals who committed heinous crimes in Liberia noting that the silence of gun is not an interpretation of peace.

His comment is in apparent reaction to the country’s fifteen years peace festival that is being held in Grand Bassa County.

Commenting further, he said the Weah administration should abolish the operation of anti-graph institutions in the country.

He said these institutions are receiving budgetary support from the government but fail to produce the needed result.
He noted that there is a need for the Justice Ministry to take charge of issues that bother on the mismanagement of public fund.

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