Methodist Bishop Orders 4 GVG Graduating Students Expel As Principal, PTA Chairman Endorsed Decision

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The Bishop of the United Methodist Church (UMC) Liberia area, Samuel J. Quire, Jr. has ordered the expulsion of four graduating students of the George V. Gibson Memorial United Methodist High School for exhibiting what he called “misbehavior” during the 14th graduation ceremony of the Institution over the weekend in Kakata Margibi County.

The four students include Princess T. Josiah, Annie Johnson, Rauzatta Johnson and Sonnie Johnson respectively. It can be recalled that the four students at the program started rioting while marching into the Kakata City Hall and subsequently escalated in the Hall thus drawing the attention of other invited guests including the Bishop, the school administration, and parents among others.

But the mother of one of the students, Mama Josiah shifted blame on the school administration and said they were in the know of how the conflict started amongst the students while they were still in the school but failed to handle it.

Reason for the students’ action is yet to be told, but Bishop Quire said it was disappointing that the students who haven’t seen him as the Bishop of the Church will dare to fight, disrupting the program.

“I don’t know who is the cause, but one thing I want to tell you that in your right mind as Journalist you know even if somebody does something to you in your right mind you know you graduating; what you think you should do, how you think you should behave if you were graduating?”

was the direct question Bishop Quire posted to newsmen when he was asked as to whom he thinks may have been the cause of the students’ action.

According to him, the action exhibited by the students during their graduation program is just a form of indiscipline. He added that because of their behavior, the students are expelled from the institution and will not get a single document from the school.

The Methodist Bishop stated that he wants students to be discipline on grounds that they are going out of the Institution,

adding “what is it that your colleague will do to you so much to annoy you that you will not hold your peace, wait and refer to your administration, you will go to a fist fight.

He lamented that the action of the student will have a very negative impact on the United Methodist Institution promising to find out the root cause of the problem.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the School as well as the PTA Chairman; Rev. Alexander O. Boe and Rev. Gbarngawoe Eddie Seyboe have endorsed the Bishop’s decision to expel the Students for their misconduct.

Mr. Boe, for his part, indicated that the decision taken by them is good and it is in line with the students’ handbook that says if any students fight in uniforms they should be expelled adding that the four students were in uniform and graduation gowns as such they have to be expelled.

He narrated that the students that were expelled from the school will not be given any high school documents. He said the students have been carrying on their unwholesome behavior but have been doing it under cover noting, ‘ninety-nine days for rouge one day for master’.

Mr. Boe noted that there is no room for an apology from either the students or their parents for forgiveness terming their behavior as an embarrassing situation especially in the presence of the Methodist Bishop.

He then termed as ignorant madam Mama Josiah statement that the administration is responsible for the action of the four students because according to him Teachers have only eight hours to cater to students and if parents don’t discipline their children at home what they expect them to do as teachers.

He, at the same time, promised to institute tougher measures aimed at disciplining students by closing gates at 8 am before student that will go to school late and also expel students that will be caught under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

For his part, the Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the School, Gbarngawoe Eddie Seyboe has described the graduation ceremony as disappointing with the behavior of the students in the presence of the Bishop, the Parents and all those who went to grace the occasion and by that they needed to take control of the situation thereby expelling them from the Institution.

Rev. Seyboe stated that there is no need to investigate the four students because the handbook of the United Methodist School system states that any such behavior on the part of any student even on campus he/she should be expelled.

He added that the handbook is given to every student that enrolls in the Institution to make sure that they follow the rules and regulations governing the school.

Rev. Seyboe said the school is just a supplement of the parents noting that right after the home the next institution they move to is the school where the children spend longer time than in the home, in the church, the mosque and other organization that help to teach moral in the society as such; those measures need to be put in place to regulate their human behavior.

“You know very well that Liberia has come a very long way, the war and all of that have so many implications on us and our behavior many of the students now almost 50% of the students are parent students, in other words, they are representing themselves the get their key on their side go home they become parents they come on the campus they become students” he indicated.

He said they cannot continue to compromise the bad behavior of the students and even the children. Rev. Seyboe however, vowed not to plead for the students to get their documents from the school because the role of the PTA is to help enhance the work of the administration of the school even though he is a twins’ mother who coordinates between the administration and the parents as well as the students.

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