‘Modest Error’ Speaker Chambers Described Supreme Court Prohibition


House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has termed recent Supreme Court prohibition on the ongoing impeachment process against Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh as a ‘modest error’.

Speaking to a team of Legislative Reporters over the weekend, Speaker Chambers said, the House of Representatives has resolved to carry out its impeachment process against Justice Ja’neh despite Supreme Court placing an embargo on the process.

He said the Constitution of Liberia is very replete and has documented the roles of the three (Legislature, Executive & Judiciary) branches of government with the Legislature being fully empowered to draw out impeachment proceedings against any member of the Supreme Court bench if they are involved in unprofessional conduct.

According to Speaker Chambers, the action of the Supreme Court, in the wisdom of the House of Representatives, is in violation of Article 44 of the constitution which among other things gives the legislature the right to formulate bills (even impeachment bill) which should not be halted by another branch of government.

He said it came as a surprise to members of the House of Representatives when a writ of Prohibition under the signature of Justice in Chamber, Sie- Nyene- Yuoh calling on the body to halt its constitutional responsibility.

Speaker Chambers said the action of the Justice in Chamber could be a “modest error,” in that, Justice Yuoh is fully aware that the Supreme Court authority cannot overrule the constitutional function of the first branch of government (Legislature).

“For the action of the Justice in Chamber, we want to mildly (modestly) say that it was a kind of an inadvertence; maybe a slight misunderstanding of the Justice to do that. And that’s how we want to address what she has done. Not to say more, but you know we are all in a learning curve and I believed the Justice In Chambers too is going through that process,” he intoned.

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