Rep. Attoh Donates 28 PCS Of Handsets, 5 PCS Of Digital Recorders To Diverse Groups In Margibi Worth Over US$ 1,500

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Margibi electoral district #3 Representative Ellen A. Attoh with support from the Movement for Simple Change has donated 28 pieces of Handsets commonly known as walkie-talkie and 5 pieces of digital recorders to diverse groups of people in the County valued at over US$1,500.

The groups include leaders of various communities, heads of five Community Radio Stations, Margibi Police detachment, the Charles Henry Rennie (C.H. Rennie) Hospital and the Community Watch Forum respectively.

The 28 pieces of handsets were distributed amongst the different groups including the five Community Radio Stations which each of the stations received one digital recorder from the Lawmaker.

Speaking to newsmen following the presentation of the items, Rep Attoh said the gesture is meant to enhance the operation of the beneficiaries in fighting crimes and be able to report emergency cases immediately as they occur.

“Yes I called the people of Kakata to see how we can work together for the security issue, because we have had a couple of issues for example sometimes in June there was a death story of a youth around the Green Island Community so I believe that it was the lack of communication because neighbor heard the noise but they couldn’t come out” she explained.

Hon. Attoh disclosed that with this situation, she thought it wise when she traveled abroad to get some form of communication (handsets) for various sectors to be able to get in contact with each other if there is an emergency.

She said the materials will not only be used to report death cases but other cases like the home of resident of any of the Communities is on fire or somebody is sick and there is a need to call to the Hospital and one cannot get access to their telephone or it does not have credit the radio can be used to spread the information to get the requisite people informed for quick intervention.

Hon. Attoh, however, promised to reach out to other parts of the County but said it will be done on a gradual basis.

Making statement earlier, the CEO of the Movement for Simple Change; Prince Anything Wreh said several years back he observed and discovered through a research that there was an organization called the Community Watch Forum with many functions one of which is to collaborate with chairpersons of the various Communities.

He said in so doing issues of security, the well-being of citizens in the Communities are things that he observed are part of their mandate to ensure that these things are addressed and over a period of time he got to know them through interaction.

Mr. Wreh intoned that after the 2017 general and presidential elections that give rise to his wife as representative of district #3, they have been exploring ways to be able to properly reach out to their people and provide not just economic opportunities but opportunity that will alleviate the high level of poverty, the crime rate and some level of structure of coordination between the Community leaders, the Community Watch Forum, the Medical people and the Police among many others.

He said one of the ways they thought they could bring everyone together to make sure that they have a smooth path in ensuring that if there is an issue in a particular area the security and the media practitioners can be alerted, something he noted gives rise to high level of security where people will feel a lot more comfortable in their environments.

According to him, on one of their trips out of the Country they thought it wise to begin the initiative as a pilot project to see how far it goes thereby investing money in making sure they were able to purchase the handsets to have them equitably distributed amongst Community Chairpersons,
Community Watch Forum, the Police Medical Center and the Media.

He then pledged to extend the initiative to other Communities if the first project becomes successful.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of the gesture in separate remarks thanked Hon. Attoh and Mr. Wreh for the initiative assuring them of using the materials for the purpose intended. For his part, the Police Chief Superintendent of Police in Margibi County, Sylvester Hina said his office will provide training opportunity to those who will be using the handsets in order to be able to use them properly.

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