Senator Cooper Wants Urgent Attention Given To Early Childhood, Female Education

County News

Margibi County Senator Oscar A. Cooper has expressed the need for urgent attention to be given to early childhood and female education in Liberia by educational stakeholders including the Ministry of Education and schools Administrators.

The Margibi Lawmaker stated that early childhood education sets the foundation for the young people especially learning phonics and learning how to read.
Senator Cooper said if more attention is given to early childhood education, the foundation of school going kids in Liberia will be solid before getting to junior, secondary and college levels.

According to Senator Cooper, once the child from ABC to 3rd-grade masters reading it will be easy to teach them once they have those skills most especially reading skill; something he said is lacking in Liberia.

He explained that in other to take the lead, he has embarked on visiting various government schools in Margibi County carrying on renovation works on those schools in the five electoral districts of the County.

The Senator said he hopes to begin engaging the Ministry of Education to start the early childhood education by training the early childhood teachers to enable them impact quality education into the kids from kindergarten to 3rd grade to be followed by other classes.

He added that the foundation of Liberian students are not built causing the mass failure of students in WAEC or WASSCE and the Universities’ entrance exams indicating that if the student’s foundations are solid they will pass in those public exams.

Commenting on female education, Senator Cooper revealed that females are 51% of Liberia’s population and if the people of the Country should be educated, this number cannot be left out but should rather be included.

He averred that the females are the ones who take care of the home and the children and if they are educated they will be able to help their children with whatever homework their schools will give them.

The Lawmaker narrated that besides just helping in the home, women are scientists and doctors. He said there is a high percentage of educated women in all the developed nations and Liberia must follow suit and encourage women education because it is very important.

Senator Cooper made the assertion when he served as guest speaker at the 14th graduation ceremony of the George V. Gibson Memorial United Methodist High School in Kakata where he offered a one-year scholarship to the dux of the institution to enroll at the United Methodist University.

He promised to continue with the scholarship program for the dux if she maintains “B” average and at the same time promised to offer scholarships to five of the graduates to enroll at the University of Liberia if they pass the University’s entrance indicating that it will be done on a first come first serve basis.

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