For Reconciliation Sake, Don’t Impeach Justice Ja’neh – Religious Clerics Pleads With 54th Legislature.


Two Prominent Religious figures in Liberia have called on the 54th Liberian Legislature to abandon their impeachment proceeding against Justice Kabineh Ja’neh in the spirit of genuine reconciliation for the country.

Imam Ali Krayee and Rev. Emmanuel Nimely believe if Liberia will move forward there is a need for Liberians to put aside their differences in the supreme interest of the state and its people.

They said impeaching Justice Ja’neh is tantamount to witch-hunt, adding that such move should be abolished for the sake of reconciliation.

Their plead is a reaction to the ongoing impeachment proceeding against Justice Ja’neh by some members of the 54th Legislature, including Representative Acarous Gray of Montserrado District 8.

The Lawmakers among many things indicated that Justice Ja’neh lacks the needed integrity to preside on the Supreme Court Bench.

The two Speaking to The Monrovia Times on Tuesday said it is wrong for a government that preaches reconciliation to be seen as going after people because of their affiliation in the past.

“Whatever may have happened in the past especially during the October 2017 Presidential elections, there is a need we put it aside and focus on building the country.” They intoned.

“Reconciliation is about accepting to work with somebody who was at some point in time like an enemy to you.” Imam Krayee said.

Rev. Nimely and Imam Krayee spoke Tuesday at the close of Eid al- Adha otherwise referred to as Abraham Day.

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