Mighty Barrolle Relegated – Lost Protest Appeal


Report coming out of the LFA says Mighty Barrolle has loss the protest appeal case involving the Red Boys and LPRC Oilers.

That case has dragged on for several months with Barrolle refusing an earlier ruling in that protest which went in favor of the Oilers.

The Protest was filed by Barrolle after falling to Oilers 2-1 in March 2017 during a league match.

The Rollers accused LPRC of fielding two Guineans in that match without proper documents, but Oilers said the two were not played in that fixture.

This ruling means, Mighty Barrolle will play in the second division of the LFA league this season, while Oilers will stay in the first division.

Mighty Barrolle is a football club from Liberia based in Monrovia. They are one of the founding members of football in Liberia. Their home Stadium is the Doris William Stadium.

Liberia’s most famous footballer, George Weah, began his career at Mighty Barolle, scoring 7 goals in 10 games in the 1985/86 season.

Barrolle’s most famous and celebrated player is James Salinsa Debbah.

Mighty Barrolle, commonly called “the Rollers”, is now demoted to the Second Division

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