Youth Group Embarks On Self Help Initiatives In Margibi-Calls For Support

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In an effort to give the City of Kakata and its environs a facelift, a youth group under the banner “Sanitation Engineering Organization” has embarked on a self-help initiative in Margibi County.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Organization, Rev. Nehemiah Johnson said his group is basically involved in sanitation activities and Christian counseling.

He narrated that the Organization is also engaged into recruiting and counseling vulnerable youths including those who take in alcoholic beverages as well as the ones that are traumatized making use of their talents.

He noted that the initiative is not only limited to the City of Kakata indicating that it is being extended to rural parts of the City in ensuring that residents of the interior live in a clean environment.

According to him, prior to Liberia’s 171st Independence Day celebration, his group decorated the streets of Kakata using about US$1500 he started saving from 2016 when the vision of getting involved in initiatives that will make an impact came to him.

Rev. Johnson added that the money is what gave him the momentum to share the idea with other young people who then saw it necessary to join him thus expressing interest that led to the beautification of the City before the celebration.

He averred that he has been in Kakata since 1992 thinking on what he can do that people can point at as his contribution as such; he decided to establish the Organization to be able to buttress the effort of the Leadership of the County especially the City Mayor.

The Sanitation Engineering Organization Boss further stated that recently, members of the group visited the Gotomu Town road where they level the road and got rid of pop holes for the free movement of cars and motorbikes among others.

He also disclosed that his group was able to move to the interior (Larkay-ta Township) where they side brushed the Kakata-Bong Mines road and clean the drainages.

The man of God said the group plan is to carry out the cleaning up campaign on the first and last Saturdays of every month, disclosing that for the next three months they will carry on the campaign every Saturday to avoid members of the group from being reluctant.

He said the membership of the organization has grown up to the extent that people are gradually recognizing them due to their work. Rev. Johnson stated that the organization has close to 200 members who are willing to volunteer.

Meanwhile, Rev. Johnson is calling on well-meaning Liberians, the Government of Liberia, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as Philanthropists to come to their aid.

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