Arsene Wenger In Liberia


Ex-A.S. Monaco and Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger arrived in Liberia Wednesday as a guest of Liberia’s Chief Patron of Sports President George Weah.
The 68-year-old Frenchman arrived in the country via the Roberts International Airport at a huge welcome of hundreds of Arsenal Fans.

The former Arsenal Coach was received upon arrival by Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson who led a government delegation to welcome the coach.

Arsene Wenger who is in Liberia to receive Liberia’s highest honor coached sitting Liberian President George Weah and helped his development in Europe when racism was at its highest peak in world football.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, Coach Arsene Wenger said he was in the country to pay homage to the Liberian Leader.

“My visit is all about to honor George Weah. I have come here first to visit George Weah as President of Liberia and to show him the respect that he deserves. I always promise him to come to Liberia one day. I had not only George Weah as Liberian player, I had several Liberian players at the time and had hoped that one day I will see the country with many great players” Wenger said.

The Frenchman said he was overwhelmed that an individual who played under him and won the Fifa player of the year award could become President of a Country.

Coach Wenger said sports is very important for a country and believes President Weah will give support to both team and individual sports to help develop the country.

“I will encourage him to develop grassroots sports and to help him if I can to do it. He’s conscious of that because he himself has become the man he is today through sport”, Arsene Wenger added.

The Frenchman who is due to be in Liberia for three days and be awarded Liberia’s Highest Honor on Friday said he was not in the country expecting an award, but just to visit President Weah.

Coach Wenger’s honor according to a source from the Executive Mission will be a surprise for the man who took President Weah at the time as a son and helped him improved into a world icon.

Mr. Wenger will be inducted into the country’s Order of Distinction and be given the title of Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption.

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