To Implement Public Projects: Local Construction Company Must Be Prioritized – ALLCC Declares


The Association of Liberia Construction Contractors (ALCC) has called on the Government of Liberia (GoL) to prioritize local contractors in the provision of contracts.

Speaking to The Monrovia Times Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at the Association’s head office in Paynesville, ALCC President Sackie Johnson said it is now time for the Government to invest more in Liberian construction contractors rather than hiring foreign firms to implement construction projects across the country.

He said the issuance of construction contracts to foreigners rather than local contractors is causing the government more money and it may also lead to waste of the government’s limited resources.

“To me, the local industry has a lot of quality and qualified engineers who the country can depend on. If we can allow the local players to prosper first, we will produce a better breed of contractors and ensure employment for our people,” the ALCC President noted.

According to Mr. Johnson, there are about 11,000 local contractors who secured accreditations from foreign partners and are willing to serve in the country’s construction industry.

He said the government has been tolerant in giving special licenses to foreign construction companies despite some of them having no local expertise in their employed.

Also, ALCC Secretary General, James Smith alleged that too many priorities are being given to foreign contractors without any effective regulations regarding their operations in the country.

He said, despite the local contractors having limited capitalization, the government still need to support their own in that it will have a reversible effect on the country’s local economy.

“The ALCC was organized in the 1970s to represent the best interest of all Liberian construction contractors and the association has a membership of 104 companies.

Our aimed and objectives are to promote the Liberianization policy at every level. And so we will expect the Ministry of Public Works and other publicly run institutions to always prioritize Liberian construction companies to undertake projects,” the ALCC’s SG averred.

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