Former Senator Inducted KRTTI Director-Promises Better Teacher Training Institute

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A former Senator of Margibi County, George B. Kpenneh has been inducted into office as Director of the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI) replacing Mr. Shadrach Y. Kerl who served the Institution for the past 3-years.

On August 7, 2018, the Ministry of Education served former Senator Kpenneh letter of appointment to lead the Institute.

Mr. Kpenneh’s appointment according to the Ministry was based on his qualification, experience and professional achievement thus calling on him to exhibit a high degree of diligence, commitment, dedication and professionalism in the discharge of his duties.

Director Kpenneh at his induction ceremony on Thursday, August 23, 2018 said his leadership will build a better teacher training Institute indicating that his administration has drawn out development agenda to be implemented at KRTTI during the years of his service.

According to him, his team will firstly give a facelift to the various structures at the Institute and renovates deplorable housing units to an assessable standard for the use of the faculty.

He noted that his administration will reintroduce theoretical and practical agriculture program in the Institution to enable graduates that will be assigned in rural parts of the Country undertake agriculture activities in their respective schools.

The KRTTI Director intoned that the agriculture department at KRTTI needs to be a supporting arm to the student cafeteria as such; his administration will engage into the production of vegetables, poultry, piggery and swamp rice among others.

He added that his administration has seen the need to establish a cordial relationship with another Institute in the United States of America noting that if it works, his team will recommend a faculty and student exchange program.

Director Kpenneh disclosed that his administration will also engage in faculty development program locally and internationally. He narrated that there will be an identification of KRTTI demarcation for possible fencing to avoid encroachment or theft on the Institute’s property.

George B. Kpenneh stated that there will be an expansion of the student center and the cafeteria with respect to the combine B & C certificate programs.

The Director furthered that the KRTTI administration will closely monitor the effective use of the Institute’s curriculum and models by trainers and teachers.
He revealed that his administration will recommend to the Ministry of Education to allow the graduates of KRTTI to wear gown on the day of their graduation while the County Education Officer will be encouraged by his administration to send the untrained teachers for training in order to be able to clean the mess from the educational system of Liberia.

Mr. Kpenneh averred that if there are trained manpower especially the teachers, the mass failures students in public exams will be minimized. He said the KRTTI academy program formally known as KRTTI extension school will be renamed and re-established as KRTTI junior and senior high school.

He said they are taking the program to the people of Kakata in appreciation of accepting the teacher training program in the Community and it will be assessable to citizens who are not opportune to attend morning and afternoon sessions.

The KRTTI Boss said it is their understanding that water is a challenge on the Campus something he added under his administration they will restore pipe borne water system on the entire campus.

He appealed to every member of the Institute to join them in the implementation process of their development agenda stating, ‘if we work together sincerely, KRTTI will become better than it is now’.

Meanwhile, the former Director of KRTTI Shadrach Y. Kerl during the turning over ceremony says his leadership made several achievements through the cooperation of his sco-workers.

Mr. Kerl indicated that he was able to construct teacher lounge replacing a once dilapidated palava hut on the same spot as well as the rehabilitation of the once “hold-your-nose” and pass bathroom attached to the science building.

He asserted that a mounting of wall fans was built in the academic classroom to rid trainers and trainees of the hot tropical heat as a measure of conducive learning atmosphere.

The former KRTTI director noted that during his tenure, he repaired the partially burned boy’s dormitory which got burnt in 2014. He also boasted of the roofing of two of the three abandoned buildings at the Du-Village Teachers’ quarter.

Mr. Kerl also spoke of the extension student center jointly implemented by both the administration and the student leadership of 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic cohorts.

He said their involvement in the revamping and regularization of the “b” certificate program among many other achievements. He then said the above-mentioned narrative speaks to the spirit of a well-guided teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration towards the implementation of an institutional mandate and service to one’s nation, Liberia.

He, however, thanked Authority of the Ministry of Education for the opportunity that was given him in 2015 to serve the Institute.

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