Senator Yallah Gives Lower Bongese Hope – Vows To Succeed In Giving Lower Bong A County Status

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Bong County Senator Henry W. Yallah has given hope to citizens residing in Lower Bong County that he will succeed in giving that part of Bong a County status.

Senator Yallah speaking at the 171st Flag Day celebration in Bong Mines Bong County on August 24, 2018 said; previously he spoke about working to ensure that Lower Bong receives autonomy and such dream has not died.

“That dream has not died, we are battling it and we are close to it and we will do it” he assured Lower Bongese.

The Bong County Senator who may be seeking for re-election during the 2020 Senatorial Election in the County stated that he will succeed because he has done a lot of work around his autonomy dream.

Senator Yallah referring back to history said he can see in the eye of faith when former President Joseph Jenkins Roberts and others gathered one early morning and declared that they wanted Independence Day and others were saying they were getting mad because by then they did not have an army but frontier force.

He further intoned that in 1964 when a group of people from Lofa, Grand Gedeh and other Counties felt that the central province should be partition into Counties, people challenged it with others saying the decision was intended to divide them but when technology got improved, the trigger down got different and development changed, adding that there where they are today.

The Bong County Lawmaker explained that there is nothing about keeping a big land that one cannot manage, noting ‘what happens to the other people on this side, only to keep them by the fact that they under Bong?

According to him, life is difficult for those who are residing in Lower Bong as they too need to move on and have a life to live but no University and when their children graduate from high school they either go to Kakata graduate and go back.

He told the gathering that they are preparing to go to the County sitting and he was proposing that since the Bong County Technical College is not closer to Lower Bongese, they move the Agriculture component to Tumutu in Salala to be able to grant the same degree program in order for those who will enroll at Tumutu to receive Bachelor degree like anyone going in Gbarnga.

Hon. Yallah averred that when that is done, Professors who will be sent to Tumutu will integrate into the Communities, build houses, begin to change the stage of lives and when people acquire education smaller jobs will be available where they can work and have food on their tables.

The Senator indicated that Bong Mines use to be the bread basket of Bong County in terms of economic earning and those who wanted job went to the area but time has changed. He expressed the need for the Lower Bongese to take over their Country and their land themselves.

He said both the Lower size and Upper size of Bong are equal sizes of the County that must be given attention. He narrated that once the fact that China Union though might be dragging but it is a major contributor to Bong’s revenue and if it does not come today the Company owes them and will still pay.

The Lawmaker asserted that when the Company pays, Lower Bong must have serious attention. He then recommended to Lower Bongese especially those in Fuamah District to conduct a smaller sitting in the area to be able to develop what is in their minds, think about how they want Lower Bong to be like and to also think about what their National Leaders can do, admonishing them to have it documented and taken to the upcoming County sitting. The Lawmaker boast of being the chairman of the Bong County Legislative Caucus and one who is in authority to make the journey.

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