For Physically Assaulting A Senior Staff, Liberia National Police Detained GT Bank’s Managing Director, Ayodeji Bejide


The Monrovia Times has received a video recording circulating on social media, linking GT Bank’s Managing Director, Ayodeji Bejide to physical assault.

A man believed to be Mr. Ayodeji is seen physically assaulting one of his employees, Edward Freeman.

Edward Freeman, an employee of the bank who was seen bleeding from his mouth alleged that his boss threw a calculator at him.

Manager Ayodeji Bejide is reported heard asking employee Freeman to calm down, threatening to dismiss him if he made any further comment.

The GT Bank Liberia Boss, a Nigerian is said to be in the constant habit of insulting employees; a situation which has led to a series of resignations at the bank.

The management of the bank is yet to comment on the situation.

Meanwhile, Authorities of the Liberia National Police has acknowledged complaint of the situation. The LNP mentioned that the GT Bank Liberia Boss is currently in Police Custody awaiting police investigation.

The details of this story will come in our subsequent publication as the investigation continues.

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