Nyen Town Citizens Petitioned, Honored Sen. Yallah Ahead of 2020 Senatorial Election

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Ahead of the 2020 Senatorial election in Liberia, citizens of Nyen Town in Fuamah District Lower Bong County have petitioned and honored Senator Henry W. Yallah to contest in the midterm senatorial election.

Making the deceleration on behalf of the citizens on Friday in Bong Mines Lower Bong County, Cyrus Kolleh stated that their decision to support Senator Yallah’s second term bid derived from several consultations made by them (citizens).

Mr. Kolleh explained that they have built confidence and trust in the Bong County Senator and Chairman of the Caucus as people center leader as such; there is a need to be given the second chance to serve the County.
He, at the same time, said Senator Yallah has played a major role in settling the election dispute that was between current Representative Joseph Papa Kolleh and defeated candidate Andrew G. Telmeh in the District.

According to him, the Senator again played a major role in putting halt to the dismissal of local chiefs within Fuamah District and the County at large, noting that senator Yallah has brought pride to their Town by taking one of their sons Mr. Nateco Enders to work in his office.

Meanwhile, the citizens honored senator Yallah for his outstanding and humanitarian role in the life of citizens and the development of Bong County.
The Citizens said it is based on all of these important things they decided to pledge their support to Senator Yallah’s second term bid in the 2020 Senatorial election.

Meanwhile, the Auxiliary Girls Kick Ball Association of Fuamah District also bestowed honor on Senator Yallah for the leadership role he continues to play in Bong County.

The Chairperson of the honoring, Georgia Farkarlun presenting the certificate of honor to Senator Yallah on behalf of the Auxiliary Girls Kick Ball Association of Fuamah District said the honor was in recognition of the services rendered to humanity, the community, the district, the County and the Country at large by the Bong Lawmaker.

The group said they appreciate all that the Lawmaker has done and continues to do for them in the District.

In his acceptance speech, Senator Henry W. Yallah vowed to continue working in the interest of his citizens of Fuamah and Bong County at large.
The Bong County Lawmaker assured the Nyen Citizens in Fuamah District that he will work with the rest of the Caucus members including their lawmaker Joseph Papa Kolleh to seek the needed Development in the district and the wellbeing of all the citizens in the County.

He also extended commendation to the Nyen Citizens for taking the right decision to petition him ahead of the 2020 election in the Country. For the honor bestowed upon him, the Senator said he was happy beyond the honor.

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