GT Bank Liberia MD Allegedly Assaults Employee


Tuesday morning August 28, 2018 was a scene for customers and other passersby to behold when what appears to be a serious commotion took place in the offices of the Guaranty Trust Bank head office in sinkor.

The scene resulted in the disruption of normal activities and transactions at the bank which was triggered by the Bank’s manager losing his anger and throwing a calculator at one of its employees.

It is believed that Mr. Ayodejai David threw a calculator at Mr. Edward Freeman, an employee of the bank which resulted to huge cuts on the utter layers of the victim’s lips, causing pains with drips of blood from his lips.

According to a few eyewitnesses, the head of the Guaranty Trust Bank Mr. David should not have overly reacted in said manner as there are rules and regulations governing prohibited practices of workers within the entity.

In a video recording posted on Facebook, Mr. Freeman was seen expressing frustration over his boss’s action while he was being told to calm down in order to handle the matter.

He stated in the video that he trying to calm a situation in the bank,

“I am disappointed in you that you cannot control your emotions, I wonder whether this place is a professional environment that one will be this brutal”.

The issue has raised alarm over the safety of workers and the respect of labor in the country by the Ministry of Labor.

Hours after the incident, the ministry issued a statement condemning the act against a Liberian employee, noting that the alleged act is humiliating.

“We are not only deeply concerned by this alleged action but have also contacted the Ministry of Justice through the Liberia National Police”.
The ministry of Labor confirmed that the Police have already taken the suspect into custody considering the possible criminal nature of this case.

“In keeping with the relevant procedural laws of Liberia where criminal actions take precedence over civil actions, the Ministry’s approach will be informed by the outcome of the ongoing criminal investigation,” the release revealed.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has emphasized to all employers and employees that the Decent Work Act of Liberia in Section 14.3 (d) reserves it’s most severe sanctions for persons who breach the fundamental rights of another employee or attack, batter, threaten, or intimidate his or her co-workers.

“The Ministry indicates that she will not hesitate to exact the utmost penalties on persons who flagrantly violate the Decent Work Act and calls on all employers and employees to behave in keeping with the law,” the Ministry of Labor stressed in a release.

Many Liberia workers daily struggle for their rights to safety in the workplace and rightful benefits under the Decent work bill which was passed by the national Legislature to ease the pinch-faced by Liberian workers throughout the country. With said law enacted, Liberians continue to be trapped into bad labor practice and face tragedy at their workplaces.

The Ministry of Labor has heard many cases and is currently set to rule in a series of dignity for labor case in the country.

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