Liberia National Bar Association Distance Itself From Counselor Arthur Johnson

The Liberia National Bar Association has termed as baseless and irresponsible call by Counselor Arthur Johnson asking all legal practitioner to stay away from courts and all legal works for three days in protest to the legislature disobedience to the Supreme Court Writ of Prohibition.

It can be recalled on Monday, August 27 Counselor Arthur Johnson, one of the legal counsel representing Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh call for a stay-away protest from courts by all lawyers in Liberia beginning September 3 to the 6.

But Addressing a news conference Wednesday in Monrovia the LNBA President Moses Peagar said, Counselor Johnson lacks the authority to rally lawyers practicing in the country to any action thereby distancing the Bar from such call.

He added by urging all legal practitioners to reject the unauthorized call made by Counselor Johnson and continues with the peaceful practice of their vocation in the service of their clients and Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Bar Association has cited Counselor Arthur Johnson to its Grievance and Ethics Committee to answer questions for his recent statement.

“Since the inception of the initiation of impeachment proceedings against His Honor Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, by the Honorable House Representatives, the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) has been bending efforts and taking steps-responsibly to engage the parties at the epicenter of what has now culminated into standoff between the legislative branch of government and the Judiciary”

The LNBA added that “it is determined to stay on a responsible course and will not be deflected by events such as what has obtained in recent times and to which this press conference particularly speaks”

The LNBA noted that counselor Johnson’s conduct is sinful and misguided adding that his action is also troubling and is tantamount to serious ethical transgressions.

“The LNBA is at a loss as to the objective of Counselor Arthur T. Johnson’s call which on the one hand, purports to protect the rule of law and the dignity and respect of the Judiciary, whilst at the same time encourages members of the LNBA to engage in an illegal act which shows gross disrespect for and is an affront to the Legislature and the Judiciary as a whole, and the LNBA on the other hand.”

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