For Donating Several Building Materials, Kollie Cane Town Public School-Citizens Laud Senator Oscar A. Cooper

Citizens of Kollie Cane Town in District #4 Margibi County have lauded Senator Oscar A. Cooper for donating several building materials for the renovation of the only public school in the area.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018; Senator Cooper donated 22 bundles of zinc and 20 boxes of steel nail among others. The citizens speaking to newsmen during the time of the donation expressed excitement.

Maron Z. Dolo, a resident of the area said she was proud and happy for the donation because this has never happened in the area and if the Senator can do it for them, they have to appreciate him.

Madam Maron stated that the School has a lot of challenges but the issue of the zinc is paramount because if the roof of the building is in good condition and their children are under a roof that is not leaking, then the administration can be thinking on tackling the rest of the challenges.
For his part, Mr. Perry M. Dolo said this is not the first time the Senator has identified with them citing his previous assistance towards their Clinic project. He appealed to the Senator to help them with youth and vocational training centers for the youths especially those who don’t want to go to school.

Also, the Clan Chief of Weamahquelleh Clan Edwin Naimah described Senator Cooper as a humanitarian who has rendered humanitarian assistance to those in need.

Mr. Naimah indicated that the donation of the materials and the roofing of the building is a great opportunity for his citizens because their children will not sit under a leakage roof.

He called on other humanitarians to follow the good examples of the Senator whom he said during the launch of a Clinic project in the area promised US$20,000 and people made discouraging remarks that he could not fulfill his promise.

Speaking earlier, the Administrator in the offices of Senator Cooper; Gabriel Nyumah said the gesture is in fulfillment of promises that were made by Senator Cooper in the past.

Mr. Nyumah disclosed that the Kollie Cane Town citizens once asked the Margibi Lawmaker to help renovate the building which is in deplorable condition adding that he then promised to have the building renovated before the resumption of the 2018/2019 academic year.

“The School Administrator said since they roofed the school 10-years ago, the zinc is now damage and as the result of that the ceiling is damaging so we have come with the zinc at least to help them so the children cannot feel any leakage” he explained. He stated that before Saturday of this week the entire building will be renovated.

According to him, their own assessment has shown that the school lacks chairs and desks while the offices, Library and reading room are not well furnished indicating that the Senator has put in for 1222 Firestone made chairs to be distributed amongst some Public Schools in the County.

He narrated that previously, the Senator purchased and distributed 500 pieces of chairs amongst some school and some were left including the Kollie Cane Town School which will benefit from the upcoming chairs distribution.

He then put the cost of the materials donated as well as workmanship at US$4,000.

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