ACE Liberia Board Member Condemns Liberian Teachers – Says 90% Of WAEC Teachers Can’t Pass WAEC

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A Board Member of the Africa Community Exchange (ACE Liberia), Rose Mends-Cole Sherman has condemned Liberian Teachers teaching WAEC students in the Country stating that 90% of them (teachers) cannot make a pass in the WAEC Exams.

Madam Sherman speaking at the end of a three-week Teacher Development and continuing education training workshop held at the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute over the weekend said this was discovered from her experience working with teachers that were tested and seen.

She said some of those who participated in the training went to the workshop not knowing how to do subtraction, multiplication and addition and they are teaching the Liberian students.

Teachers at the program

According to her, Liberian Students are failing in the WAEC Exams because Liberian teachers don’t know how to teach, indicating that if the WAEC was given to the teachers they themselves will fail.

She averred that her biggest problem she had with teachers who attended the workshop was that they do not follow direction be it, staff or students, citing it as another reason for which the students always failing WAEC because they don’t follow the direction placed on the paper.

“Some of you failed the test because they give you one direction and everybody want to do their own thing and we cannot make progress in Liberia, if we continue in that manner, there is a consequence for everything, do it the way it supposed to be done and somehow we got to get that into our heads” she added.

She noted that some of the teachers who attended the workshop knew that they didn’t know subtraction, multiplication and addition, something she added the teachers needed not to go to the training to learn it but could have learned it by themselves.

She also explained that some of the teachers who went to the training center could not even draw the maps of Africa and Liberia yet still they are teaching the Liberian students which she said is unacceptable.

“The multiplication table, the map of Africa and the map of Liberia are on all the copybooks; ACE is trying to teach you how to learn not just about facts if you know how to learn you will get the facts you know where to go and learn multiplication not so?’ she lamented.

She urged everyone to start based on performance and not paper because the paper means nothing if it does not have anything to back it adding, that’s why they give assessment test all the times.

The establishment of ACE as was disclosed by Madam Sherman came about during a Thanksgiving dinner of her family in America when they felt that there could be a way that they who are working in America could help Liberia because many of them were not ready to return to the Country.

In 2006 the Organization was reported established and registered in the State of Virginia with PHD holders serving on the board including the former Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu who is serving as financial secretary.

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