Gonglo, 2 Others Jailed By Commercial Court Judge

Commercial Court Judge, Eva Mappy-Morgan has ordered the incarceration of three prominent lawyers, Judge Mappy-Morgan said Cllr. Tiawon Gonglo, Phillip Gonglo and Momolu Kendakai all of the Gonglo and Associate Law Firm will spend 20 days in jail.

According to the Judge, the lawyers refused to properly advise their client in the ongoing case involving Amos Brosius and the Monrovia Oil Trading Company.

Judge Mappy-Morgan said the unethical behavior of the three men to properly advise their client has brought the court and her character to public disrepute.

The Judge said a case pending before a court should not be discussed outside of courtrooms by the parties, adding that the counselors watched their client go about discussing the case thereby creating public sentiment.
Brocius accused Judge Mappy-Morgan of diverting more than 2-million to her personal account. Meanwhile, Brocius is expected to appear in court Wednesday.

This story is developing.

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