Rep. Tarponweh Launches over L$2M Scholarship Fund Drive

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Margibi County District Number one Representative, Tibelrosa Tarponweh, has launched a scholarship fund drive in his district for struggling students.

Performing the launching ceremony on Saturday, September 1, 2018, in Duarzon, Margibi County, and Representative Tarponweh deposited an initial amount of LD$2million into the International Bank account on behalf of the would-be scholarship beneficiaries.

The Margibi County lawmaker intimated that the county and the country at large cannot develop if the young people who constitute the vast majority of the Liberian population are not provided quality education.

According to him, before he was elected as the district’s Representative in the legislature, the issue of education was the overarching agenda for the district. This is why the lawmaker said decided to establish a scholarship scheme for the district.

Tarponweh observed that currently, the district cannot boast of many educated people due to the low provision of education capacity. He added some of the educated people from the district have gravitated to other parts of the country or world.

“Sometimes, we will do things you might not like, but we will fight to do things in your interest and the general development of the district,” Representative Tarponweh vowed.

Margibi County Senior Senator, Oscar Cooper, who graced the occasion challenged President George Weah to ensure the messy educational system of the country is restored to its best under his leadership.
The Margibi County lawmaker, at the same time, pledged LD $300,000 to the initiative and noted that the educational system of Liberia can only be tackled if priority is placed on beginners’ education by the teaching of fundamental phonics and reading.

According to Senator Cooper, the educational system of Liberia has failed the country over the years due to poor foundation. He then admonished Liberians to stop blaming the country messy educational system on the country’s past war or on the students, because they aren’t the cause of the poor learning system being experienced in the country.

Senator Cooper called on stakeholders in the educational sector to place premier on ensuring teachers receive basic training so that they can in an impactful way teach the children.

Also speaking at the occasion, Senator Jim Tornorlah thanked the Margibi County District Two Representative for the establishment of the District’s Development Council (DDC) as well as the launch of the scholarship scheme for underprivileged students in the district.

He further expressed joy that the county is taking shape in terms of development. The Margibi County Senator assured Representative Tarponweh of his support for developmental and people-centered initiatives.

Senator Tornolah also contributed LD$100,000 to the Margibi County District Two Representatives’ scholarship drive, pledging to further contribute over time.
Meanwhile, Margibi County District One Development Council has been inducted.
The council will steer development activities of the county and as well address disputes in the district for the next six years.

Serving as Installing Officer, Representative Tarponweh admonished those elected to serve in the best interest of their fellow compatriots by putting personal interest aside.

Tarponweh also cautioned the newly elected officers of the district to report whatever is placed in the budget for the district’s development to the people if the tenets of representative democracy must be realized in the district.

In his induction speech, the Chairman of the DDC, Moses Sieh, vowed to collaborate with his officials to advance the interest of the people whom they represent.

He also called on the district residents to rally their support for the council for peace and development.

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