Nimbaians Apportion Over US$3.6M For County Development


Citizens of Nimba County have made several budgetary allotments for full implementation of multiple development and peace-building projects across the county.

The funding would also enable the county to carry out the rehabilitation of roads and other infrastructures.
The Nimba County Sitting (assembly), held in Sanniquillie, from Friday, August 31 to Sunday, September 2nd, 2018, was attended by an array of officials of the County including legislators, chiefs, elders, women, youth, and student groups as well as ordinary citizens.

During the County Sitting, Nimbaians allotted more than US$3.6 for various projects among which were the following: Renovation of Nimba Superintendent Compound at the cost of US$30,000; scholarships program for students of the county, US$90,000.

According to our Nimba County Correspondent, US$ 30,000 was allotted for the six cities in Nimba; US$ 40,000 for the County’s Traditional Council; US$75,000 for sports.
Other allotments made included US$30,000 for Nimba County Community Radio Association; US$30,000 for G.W. Harley Hospital; US$50,000 for Nimba County Community College; and US$ 10,000 for Zoe-Geh Medical Center.

According to our Correspondent, the citizens also allotted US$15,000 for the withdrawal of case involving the County Administration and Mr. Eddie Tenwah from a court. Mr. Tenwah is said to be the complainant in the said case.

Moreover, US$45,000 has been allotted for the Disabled Community in Nimba; US$ 30,000 for Liberia International College; and US$ 215,000, as operating funds for the County’s Projects Management Committee (PMC).
Other allotments were US$140,000 for completion of some development projects in Vokerpa and other selected areas; US$25,000 for Africa Bible College (ABC) and US$ 10,000 for Ganta United Methodist Hospital.

Communities affected by the operation of concession companies in the county will get more than US200,000 while more than US$800,000 has been allotted for construction of roads.

The recent County Sitting was described by many of the attendees as successful and a good way forward in the promotion and consolidation of peace and development in the country.

The attendees who spoke to The Monrovia Times, however, stressed the need for the funds allotted for various development projects to be used for their intended purposes and that the management and use of the funds should be characterized by transparency, accountability, and probity.

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