Senate Seeks Supreme Court Help In Impeaching Public Officials


The debate to impeach Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh has entered into its second day at the Liberian Senate with many senators terming the recent decision of the House of Representatives as being “marred with Legislative flaws” and has called on the Supreme Court to advise on how the legislature can come up with a bill of impeachment against public officials.

According to the Senators, the way in which the House of Representatives went about in drawing its impeachment proceedings against one of the members of the Supreme Court Bench did not represent the actual legislative procedure of impeaching public official and that the House action will not be accepted by the Liberian Senate.

The Senators claimed that the House was in total error by not subscribing to the earlier Supreme Court prohibition, something which they said, was intended to pervert the legislative flaws that have already been created by the House of Representatives.

“What the House of Representatives has submitted to the Liberian Senate is a notice of impeachment and not a bill of impeachment,” Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrance of Grand Bassa County told the Senate plenary on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

“There is no way our colleagues from the House of Representatives will send us a notice and then we consider a bill. They are just notifying us of their action which is totally erroneous. In my mind, the Senate cannot see this as the impeachment bill because it does not tells us anything as to how to go about impeaching Justice Ja’neh,” she added.

For his part, Senator Milton Teahjay of Sinoe County claimed that the House of Representatives were in violation of the constitution by ignoring the Supreme Court order (prohibition) and forcefully coming up with its decision.

He said the Senate will in no way support the action of the House in that it violates and ignores the highest court of the land.

“This is a country of law and not man. The Supreme Court must be respected. The Legislature is not above the law if the Supreme issues a rate it must be respected by all,” he intoned.

Meanwhile, following repetition of comments made by senators in plenary, the body unanimously reached a decision to, invite in a closed session, justices of the supreme to explain how the legislature should go about in impeaching a public official.

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