Beyan’s Town Residents Cry for Safe Drinking Water in Lofa

Health News

Residents of Beyan’s Town in Lofa County have called on the Government of Liberia through their local authorities to help provide safe drinking water for them in the area.

Beayn’s Town is located across the St. Paul River which borders Bong and Lofa Counties.
It has a population of more than one thousand two hundred inhabitants’ with only one functional hand pump and an unsafe well which usually runs dry, according to our Bong County Correspondent who recently toured the area.

Residents told our Correspondent that many people in the town are becoming sick almost daily as a result of drinking from contaminated creeks.

Some of the residents are currently suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other waterborne diseases.

The affected people, many of whom are children, are also finding it difficult to seek medication as a result of the lack of public clinic in the area.
Beyan’s Town residents walk about an hour to seek free medication in Garnwonota, Lofa County.

The residents want government and Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to come to their assistance by constructing hand pumps to enable them get access to pure and safe drinking water

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