Former Margibi Senatorial Candidate Unveils Political Intention Ahead Of 2020

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A former Senatorial Candidate in Margibi County, Gabriel Bedell has unveiled his political intention ahead of the 2020 mid-term Senatorial election in the County.

Speaking to newsmen in Kakata on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, Mr. Bedell said his decision to contest in the pending election is based on the underdevelopment of the County which he hopes the 2020 election will change.

He disclosed that his strength in the 2014 election depended on his platform in developing Margibi County but the voters did not find it well thereby voting massively against him a decision Mr. Bedell said he accepted.

The Former Senatorial Candidate disclosed that his platform to develop Margibi County remains unchanged. According to him, the County is faced with enormous challenges such as acute poverty.

“When you are not getting the basic needs that is poverty, when you can’t eat three times a day a nutritious meal that’s poverty and when you live in a makeshift house that’s poverty” he added.

He stated that poverty is real and it is the second pillar of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) which speaks about how to end poverty and hunger.

Mr. Bedell said one of the problems faced by the County is high unemployment noting that 70-80% of the population of Margibi is not working while the economy is dull and weak where people don’t money to spend.

He mentioned that the health sector is poor and inadequate as it is not reaching out to its people with a few doctors handling hundreds and thousands of people terming it as under development.

He also complained of weak human capacity both in technical and technological noting that the County lacks engineers, technicians, and innovation to invent things.
Mr. Bedell narrated that there are poor water and sanitary condition which causes a health hazard. He averred that the Liberian economic is an import-dependent economic and Liberians depend on foreign people to feed them.

“That’s underdevelopment, you can’t feed yourself these are all the problems that have to be addressed after the next senatorial election” he intoned.

He revealed that he had started to put pen and paper together on how to address these problems systematically to ensure that Margibi moves from the current level to another level as its citizens cannot suggest themselves to poverty.

The former senatorial candidate said the root cause of the underdevelopment of Liberia is that its citizens allow foreign merchants to take away their hard earn United States Dollars to buy goods abroad and profits generated are sent to their Countries for their own development thus leaving in abject poverty.

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