‘Salary Disparities’ at CARI Raise Eyebrows


Research Assistants at the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) are demanding the Institution’s Board of Directors to increase their salaries.

CARI was created in the 1980s by the Central Agricultural Experiment Station to conduct adaptive and applied researches in agriculture.

Currently, there is dissatisfaction among staffs of the Institution following a call by Research Assistants many of whom are said to be marginalized as a result of reported salary disparities among staffs of the entity.

Appearing as Guest on Kwatekeh Radio Neat Breakfast Show in Gbarnga, Bong County, on Wednesday, three of the twenty-one Research Assistants, Sampson Kerkulah, Pricellia Watson and Alice Kongoh expressed bitterness over the Institution alleged refusal to increase their salaries.
According to the three Research Assistants, it is disheartening for them as University Graduates to work for an Institution like CARI without any improvement in their lives.

They stated that if the Board of CARI doesn’t see reason by increasing their salaries, they will stage a peaceful demonstration to draw the attention of the central government.

They have called on the Bong County Legislative Caucus to intervene if their works at CARI should continue.
The aggrieved Research Assistants said they are currently earning one hundred and eighty United States Dollars (US$180.00) for a month which they said is not sufficient.

“The money we are making is very little, all the monies can be used on transportation. So if the Officials of the Institution do not want a problem, they must adhere to our concerns now,” they told the radio station.
“We have spoken to the Director about our concerns but he has not told us anything about the issue,” they added.

CARI Director General, Dr. Marcus Junes, is yet to respond to the workers’ salary increment concern and the alleged salary disparities among the institution staff.
The Central Agriculture Research Institute is currently managed by a Director General who reports directly to the Minister of Agriculture in a centralized coordination system.

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