Doctors use ‘Chinese Light’ On Patents Due To Lack Of Electricity At C.B. Dunbar Hospital


The Administration of the C. B. Dunbar Hospital in Gbarnga, Bong County, has categorically trashed rumors that the Hospital is in darkness due to severe fuel shortage.

There have been widespread reports in the County and on social media that C. B. Dunbar which is the only maternal hospital in the central region of Liberia has, for nearly a week now, been in darkness due to acute fuel shortage to run its generators or provide electrical power.

The situation at the hospital has generated serious concern among citizens and residents of Bong County with the public calling on the Government of Liberia (GoL), through the Ministry of Health, to urgently address the problem.

Several patients who spoke to The Monrovia Times at their hospital beds on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal said there has been no electrical power at the hospital for nearly a week now and that the situation is seriously undermining their medical treatments.

The patients appealed to the central government to quickly intervene because they are not getting the necessary medical attention due to the lack of electrical power at the hospital at the moment.

However, the Administrator of C.B. Dunbar Hospital, Mr. Thomas Kpelewah, said the hospital is in darkness due to “technical problem” which, according to him, originated from the mitochondria or powerhouse of the Hospital.

Mr. Kpelewah also attributed the cause of the darkness at the hospital to “poor wiring system.”

According to the hospital administrator, the entire electrical wiring system of the hospital needs to be revisited.

The C. B. Dunbar Administrator boastfully said since he took over the hospital in June of this year as Administrator, there has been enough Supply of fuel from well-meaning citizens in the county including Bong County District#3 Representative, Marvin Cole.

According to Mr. Kpelewah, due to the “technical problem,” that originated from the powerhouse, Doctors and Nurses assigned at the hospital are currently using Chinese lights (lamps) to enable them provide medical treatments to patients.

It is not, however, clear whether the Chinese lamps are also been used by the doctors to diagnose any health-related problems of patients.

The Hospital Administrator, however, assured the public not to panic over the development as “Electricity will be restored to the hospital very soon.”
Similarly, Thomas Kpelewah has refuted reports circulating in Bong County that some Nurses and Doctors who are assigned with the Hospital are taking away medical drugs from the hospital for their personal gains.

Unconfirmed reports in Bong indicate that some of the doctors assigned at C.B. Dunbar Hospital operate their own private clinics where the drugs from C.B. Dumbar Hospital are being allegedly transferred for pecuniary gains.

The Administrator, however, maintains that there are measures put in place at the C.B. Dunbar Hospital to check Nurses and Doctors coming in and leaving the hospital regularly.

The Administrator did not say what prompted the Hospital Administration to institute such checking measures.

The C B Dunbar was upgraded from a Clinic to Maternal Hospital during the immediate past regime of former President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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