Murder Suspect Escape Police Custody – As Mother Of 7 Year Old Victim Cries for Justice


The yard of the Capitol Building was a scene to behold when the mother of a 7years old boy and scores of citizens came to petition the Legislature to seek justice for a murdered child.

Several weeks ago, the body of little Victor Fahnbulleh was found with parts missing at the unity conference center in Hotel Africa Community, district #17, Montserrado County. Accordingly, the Liberia National Police arrested a prime suspect, Allusien J. Jalloh; a Sierra Leone National linked to the murder case and incarcerated him.

According to the mother of the murdered child, Zoe Sherman, Police have informed the family that the alleged murder suspect has escaped from prison which has placed the case at a standstill.

Zoe, age 29, tearfully stated that she needs justice for her son noting that the manner and form in which her son died was inhumane.

She described the police report of the missing suspect as uncompromising which she noted that the law must take its course in this matter,

“I am feeling very bad about police action towards me as though I am not a citizen of this country why will they sit and allow the made to run away from the cell after all the pains he has placed in my heart.” She tearfully narrated.

Zoe confirmed that the murder suspect was a relationship partner to her for over the last four months but have parted weeks ago due to what she described as relationship problems.

She explained that on August 13, the search for her missing son began when her mother told her the news during the late afternoon hours.

“Even though my son lives with my mother but she will not even allow the children to walk about or even far but for me to hear that my son was missing it shocked me.

Zoe furthered that during the search, Jalloh who was trying to make up with her after series of confusion opted to aid in the search by calling to inform his lawyer of the incident which according to her she refused.

“Jalloh kept on saying that he wants to use my phone to get his lawyer involved and I said no and later he kept saying let us go and check to unity conference center as though he knew what he had already done and certainly we found my son body there after two days”, she stated.

According to Zoe, her son little Victor body was discovered at the Unity Conference in hotel Africa Community several yards away from his grandmother house with part missing and bruises.

Zoe has further detected a foul play in the escaping of the prime suspect from the Monrovia Central Prison and has asked the Legislature to ensure that the police re-apprehend suspect Jalloh in order to ensure justice prevails for her dead son. Currently, little Victor body has been deposited at a local funeral home in Banjor pending a forensic investigation by authority of the Liberia Police.

A group of citizens under the banner Justice for Little Victor Campaign showed up in their numbers from the community and petitioned the Legislature to invite Police Chief Patrick Sudue to give reasons why suspect Jalloh escaped from prison with such travois matter linking him to the murder of a 7year old boy.

The group also described the police action over the alleged escape of suspect Jalloh as unconscious, unprofessional while describing the police Chief as inept in the discharge of his duties

“We believe the Police is here to protect lives and properties especially our citizens but we see a totally different thing in this case, how did the guy leave the prison?” the group’s leader Clarence Cole ponders.

Since the escape of suspect Jalloh on August 29, 2018 from the Monrovia Central Prison, Police have placed a 1000USD reward for anyone getting hold of him.

Clarence pointed out that the police reward is insulting to the family of the murdered child and the community, indicating that the matter goes beyond rewards.

“The Police know how and where to find this guy so let them stop insulting the little boy’s family with reward and do the right thing for justice to prevail”, Clarence noted.

The group through their spokesperson joined calls for the speedy re-arrest of suspect Jalloh and trial of the case and continuous protest until the matter takes shape.

“We want the government to ensure the arrest of this foreigner and all those linked with the murder of this little boy”. Clarence averred.

According to Police crime report over the last 5months, the murder of little Victor Fahnbulleh brings to 5 the number of mysterious death in District #17, Montserrado County.

The House of Representative member on Claims and Petition, Rep. Jimmy Smith and Rep. Marvin Cole of Bong County received the petition and pledged the Legislature fullest support in ensuring that the matter is investigated.

Both Lawmakers stated that the petition will through the lower house normal routine which will lead to the summoning of Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue to give further reason for a delayed justice into the matter.

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