Journalist Calls For Women’s Participation In The Media

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A young Liberian Female Journalist has stressed the Need for Women voices to be heard in the Media.

Appearing as a guest on a Community Radio Station (Kwatekeh FM) in Gbarnga, Fatu A. Kamara, a women advocate journalist said, the lack of women voices in the media is very huge thus prompting her to join the process in helping to make the change.

Miss Kamara said the gender gap in all sectors of the society is very wide and women are highly underrepresented in leadership position which is not common in a democratic country like Liberia where women make up fifty percent of the population.

Fatu A. Kamara who is also a staff of Kwatekeh radio in Gbarnga maintained that radio work is about time, stating that time needs to be given to females by parents or guardian to fully participate in programs and effectively and efficiently perform their duties at their various workplaces.

“If the time is given to Females, they can do what exactly their males Counterparts are capable of doing. Everyone has their role in the Media and I can tell you for free that once the opportunity is given to females, he or she can perform to the best of his or her abilities” Journalist Fatu A. Kamara adds.
“News writing and reporting are very easy, but all we ask for is the opportunity, if the opportunities are given to us, we can do even better than some of the males” she continued.

Fatu A. Kamara who is considered as one of the best Female Reporters in Bong County has pledged her commitment to work with her colleagues (Females) to ensure their success in the media.

“I can say that Females have been over the time marginalize because to most of the Media Institutions in Liberia, it is very difficult to see Females in a higher position like News Director, News Editor or even Station Manager while it is true that we are competent to do the jobs” She concludes.

Fatu A. Kamara is a member of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FEJA) which promotes social Justice, equal opportunities and creates a safe working environment for Women in the Media.
She served as Child Broadcaster and was promoted as Announcer at Super Bongese Radio and later Reporter at the entity.

She currently Reports for the Newest Community Radio Station (KWATEKEH FM) which has taken over the County with ethical and professional Broadcasting activities.

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